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These images are as much the people in them as they are me. 

” Nothing Changes, if nothing changes “ ~ Random quote I found ~ Anyone who knows me knows I have been loyal to Nikon since well shit…as long as I’ve been shooting. My very first camera was a Nikon 4004 back in 93. I took an elective course and they handed them out to us. […]

Boy have I been sitting on this one. It seems like every time I feel like I have this nailed, I change my mind and deconstruct the entire article. That’s the beauty in this shit though, we can change our minds and evolve. When it comes to WEDDING TIMELINE STRATEGIES and just the general aspect […]

    Hey everyone! Alright today I’m going to be talking about HOW I USE LIGHTING AT A RECEPTION FOR WEDDINGS. Receptions are AWESOME and can be EPIC, it’s by far the most fun aspect at a wedding and in order to bring out that epicness one has to know and have the proper tools […]

  You’ve proposed, they said yes, and now comes the fun part. Hiring INCREDIBLE vendors for your wedding hahahaha! Yeah I know, I’ve been there. It CAN be a fun process and it most definitely will be a little stressful. But knowing what you want and getting them early can save you a TON of […]

  Simply put…we know better hahaha. I totally kid ( kind of ). Today I’m going to go over 5 ways you can maximize your time with your photographer. First let me get this out of the way, these 5 tips are my opinion and how I view things as a consumer as well as […]

Hey! So a while ago I did a quick INSTAGRAM Q/A in my stories with the promise of putting them in a blog so they can always be accessed. So…while I did get some pretty dope questions that can be helpful I also got a lot of dumb shit that I had to weed out […]

  Ahh The Family Shot List. You know….a lot of people in the industry see this part of the story as the ” necessary evil ” and you know what, I couldn’t disagree more. Does it take a little longer doing them? Yeah sure. Do they seem like they would be a step and repeat process? […]

  Ok so you locked down your venue, vendors and all the beautiful details. All that’s left is to have fun, get married and take some AMAZING images! But where are those spots at my venue? Some venue offer one or two areas for their ” hero image ” but do you really want those […]

Today I wanted to open up some conversation about the giant ego’s running around in our industry. This is mainly for other professionals in the wedding industry but to have brides and grooms garner a deeper understanding of this poison is something I highly value also. I want to talk about the chase for fame, […]

Firsts things first, I have NEVER done a styled shoot NOR will I either. Now before I get into this super controversial topic I want to warn you, no fucks are given, bridges shall be burned, backlash will be welcome in open arms and most importantly I will almost certainly lose any referrals from vendors […]