Why aren’t you having fun on your wedding day?

Well it’s a legit question yeah? WHY AREN’T YOU HAVING FUN ON YOUR WEDDING DAY? Every so often you hear the stories about so and so not having a good time or regrets about what you would have done differently and on and on. There is a simple and sure fire effective way to make sure you have a great time. I bet you’d like to know right?

This will be a short one because of how easy it actually is but I’ll still do it bullet point style because you know bullet points seem so serious and it’s completely opposite of who I am AND you can’t stop me. So let’s get started on WHY YOU AREN’T HAVING FUN ON YOUR WEDDING DAY.

  1. You’re having your wedding for someone else – That’s right. You’re not having your wedding as you wanted it, maybe your parents are paying for it and your being pressured into doing things their way OR more importantly you’re trying to impress everyone with something totally contradicting the person you are. Have YOUR wedding not someone else’s. People seem to be so wrapped up in status and how we are thought of by everyone else but they forget that a wedding is a celebration of not only becoming wed but also a celebration of the people we are and those close to us who know who we are. If you’re an anti-rustic person then don’t feel pressured to have mason jars at every damn table. If you love CATAN then incorporate board games, let me tell you right now….there are no rules when it comes to planning a wedding with the exception of making it yours.
  2. Surround yourself with dope vendors who can adapt to any situation – Sure there are a shit ton of vendors out there and you’re probably knee deep in checking them out.
  3. Don’t give a shit. I tell everyone this, honestly. On the day of your wedding the time to worry or nitpick or be pissed about this that and whom needs to stay in a little box inside your head. NONE OF IT MATTERS and the day after you’ll have all the time in the world to seek hell fire against those who stressed you out. Want to know what does matter? The expressions in pictures and video. If you’re pissed about flowers not arriving well guess what….you’ll see that look in the pictures. Hardly a fair trade. So with that said, the best course of action is no action. Have fun and don’t care about anything other than partying with the people who came to party with YOU.

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