I want to make sure you have everything you want and need, this is why I leave you in total control of how your custom collection looks. From engagement sessions and extra hours to Post Wedding sessions and prints, you can dictate how the story unfolds. 



Base coverage includes 8hrs, a private online gallery and high resolution edits on USB


Step 1

With my Investment Guide you can choose add-ons ranging from extra hours and engagement sessions to Post Wedding sessions and prints. Emailed to you upon inquiry


Step 2

AWESOME! You've booked and we're ready to rock! Let's plan out that timeline so you can maximize the investment into telling your story! 


Step 3

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Our Journey

My INSPIRATION is in telling you're story while you are in the moment living it. I wouldn't want it any other way fam. So when you're sharing that first look, throwing that bouquet at that one person who will get most embarrassed and dancing the night away with drinks spilling everywhere...I'll be right in the mix documenting it all. That's the fuel and fire and what I love so much about being a part of your wedding. 

Take a moment and close your eyes, yes close your eyes haha! This is where that TRUST starts. I want you to imagine your wedding day, from prep to party. Right about now there are so many emotions and images swirling around in your head ( sort of like your life flashing before your eyes? ) it's AWESOME right and a little chaotic ? So lets change that chaotic aspect and plan it out in a way that will let us have no worries and maximize the time we can take some AMAZING photos! To start you can download a simple timeline template right here       . Super simple and printer friendly. With every Bride and Groom that joins my growing family I include free timeline consultations. We do them over Skype or phone but if you're local to North Los Angeles, Santa Clarita or Simi Valley we can set up an in person and rock n roll! 

I want all of my clients to have fun ( sometimes that's a big want ) so I PRIDE myself on character. I'm laid back, creative, quirky and confident all at the same time firstly because that's just me HA but secondly because that's the type of photographer you will need by your side to help you relax and feel comfortable, solve problems and get those INCREDIBLE images you booked me for. It doesn't matter if you're looking for a Los Angeles Wedding Photographer, San Diego Wedding Photographer or Santa Barbara Wedding Photographer, any of them should possess these gifts if you want a smooth transition throughout the day. 

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