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These images are as much the people in them as they are me. 

I’ve known these two for what seems to be forever. One as a former boss and the other as a former co-worker in crime. When they asked me to rock their SANTA CLARITA WEDDING I was super happy. Back in the day when I just a wee young lad looking for my first real job, […]

“Your beliefs become your thoughts, Your thoughts become your words, Your words become your actions, Your actions become your habits, Your habits become your values, Your values become your destiny.” – Gandhi – While most are getting caught up in Endgame, I’m over here documenting where it starts. I thought I’d get some quick blogging […]

You know….I’m not even going to try to write about how amazing Leslie and Vlads EL ENCANTO SANTA BARBARA wedding was. I had this long drawn out Bourdain style blog entry going and I completely deleted it because even in the voice of one my inspirations it could not do justice.  I can’t tell you […]

After a long hiatus I managed to find some time to start blogging these kick ass weddings HAHA. It’s a double edge sword being so busy but I have to keep reminding myself to find time for the writing! And with that I bring May and Mikes wedding at FCC Los Angeles 🙂 It’s hard […]

What an awesome wedding this was! I was so happy Amy and Brad reached out to me with some help from Amys super sister Heidi for their DOUBLE TREE SAN PEDRO WEDDING. Not only were these two super cool and calm the entire day ( even through losing Brads ring before the ceremony, which we […]

Ahh the FIGUEROA MOUNTAIN FARMHOUSE WEDDING. What a beautiful venue this was nestled up in the mountains near Ojai California. I love when I get the chance to do smallish style weddings that have a very slow pace. Every once in a while one will pop up and the day just feels surreal and dreamy […]

  Ahh The Family Shot List. You know….a lot of people in the industry see this part of the story as the ” necessary evil ” and you know what, I couldn’t disagree more. Does it take a little longer doing them? Yeah sure. Do they seem like they would be a step and repeat process? […]

Jessica and Marcs wedding went down at the 5 CROWNS LAGUNA. I always love heading out that way because we get amazing weather, the food is good and yeah that nice coastal breeze. It all comes together so perfect. The wedding was just how I like them, small and intimate with a shitload of fun. […]

There’s always a story to tell and the simplicity of telling those stories is wonderful. Lately I have been focusing on the flow of the day and less on forcing perspective of the story, Vivian and Victors SAN GABRIEL COUNTRY CLUB WEDDING was no exception. One of my favorite things is watching how the day […]

  Ok so you locked down your venue, vendors and all the beautiful details. All that’s left is to have fun, get married and take some AMAZING images! But where are those spots at my venue? Some venue offer one or two areas for their ” hero image ” but do you really want those […]