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These images are as much the people in them as they are me. 

In what was a very long time in the making we finally pulled off what we originally set out to do, with a slight twist. Stella and Brian sealed the deal a few months prior but still wanted to have some wedding fun, so we blocked off a few hours and rocked their HYATT REGENCY […]

We went and rocked a RINCON BEACH MATERNITY session a while ago and it was incredible. There, that’s the blog. I could just stop right there so you can go check out what we did for our RINCON BEACH MATERNITY session.   While you’re here feel free to check out some of the other incredible […]

The funny thing about my line of work is that it takes me everywhere. It’s very seldom I have jobs at the same venues ( other than a few a year ) because there are just so many venues and not enough open dates for me. One would think because I’m over near Pasadena that […]

Back at again, this time with Cynthia and Ricardo’s ARCADIA WEDDING. Incredible fun. Taking place in the year that shall not be named you would have never known. Let’s see where to start, prepped out in Arcadia, sneaky shoot at Pasadena City Hall and then back to The Womens Club. What originally was going to […]

This one’s going to be tough but I’m going to dive right into it and save nothing for the swim back. Three years ago my buddy CJ needed help on Sarah and Yoni’s NESSAH SYNAGOGUE WEDDING. By help I mean he needed a second shooter. When I’m not booked on certain weekends I contract out […]

Part one of Kelly and Eric’s wedding journey. The HUNTINGTON BEACH MARSH WEDDING was so surreal and surprisingly a really fun place to get down and have some fun.  When they had told me, I didn’t really know what to expect as the marshes out in HB are fairly flat and something most just drive […]

Did you know I dabble a little in maternity? Although I never advertise it, I do my fair share each year for past clients. It’s always awesome to catch up with everyone and celebrate with them the beginning of the new best day in their life. For Andreas SIMI VALLEY MATERNITY session we opted for […]

I feel like starting off the day with Annabelle and Robert’s PAPAGO PARK WEDDING is something that’s needed. Right now California is knees deep in bananasville so it made perfect sense for them to bounce out and have the wedding in AZ. I’m extremely happy they did too. Not only did we get a nice […]

This will be a short one, summed up with a few sentences. Heather and Max’s EVERGREEN INN WEDDING was dope. There’s only been a few times I’ve travelled to Frazier Mountain ( which is weird because it’s not too far from me ) and each time has been during the winter where I wanted to […]

Growing up between OC and Riverside I have some crazy memories. Some I keep closely guarded so that you don’t think I’m a lunatic and some I talk about all the time. I love when I get to go back to the county of oranges and soak in the vibes. When Julie and Toby told […]