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These images are as much the people in them as they are me. 

Hey everyone! Today’s wedding is all about family, kicking butt and maximizing the most you can out of the places you are. Jing and Dean was referred to me by Heather Brunsell of Forever & Always Weddings and Events . If you’ve ever worked with her you’d know she has some really rad clients and […]

Where to even begin with these two. In all honesty I could stop writing now because whatever follows will never do justice to how epic Chantelle and Eriks VICEROY L’ERMITAGE BEVERLY HILLS WEDDING was. Not only was this wedding a cornerstone for me but the team of incredible vendors that was assembled truly out did […]

There is so much I can say about Jessi & Kar’s HIGUERA RANCH WEDDING that I’m not too sure where to start. Before I get into the awesomeness that is those two let me start off by talking about HIGUERA RANCH. I have worked at a ton of venues over the years, each one with […]

  What I’m really thinking is ” DAMN I have to get back to SMOKY HALLOW! ” Hahaha! This little hidden gem of a venue is BY FAR one of the coolest I’ve seen in South Los Angeles. It has character in spades with rustic dark / moody tie ins, chalk board walls and to […]

When Kat had asked me to shoot her wedding I was so damn stoked. There were a lot of reasons but definitely numero uno was because her and Jaln were just so much fun! I’ve known Kat for a pretty long time. She performed at my wedding when she was an instructor at Ko Su […]

This will be a short one, summed up with a few sentences. Heather and Max’s EVERGREEN INN WEDDING was dope. There’s only been a few times I’ve travelled to Frazier Mountain ( which is weird because it’s not too far from me ) and each time has been during the winter where I wanted to […]

” Nothing Changes, if nothing changes “ ~ Random quote I found ~ Anyone who knows me knows I have been loyal to Nikon since well shit…as long as I’ve been shooting. My very first camera was a Nikon 4004 back in 93. I took an elective course and they handed them out to us. […]

It’s always a good time when I find out I’m heading over to Westlake for a wedding. For some reason the city just resonates slighty different than others. Like how Simi almost always has a negative first instinct ( it’s nice there though ) Westlake has the opposite. Like I feel when I drive there […]

Well shit, how do I write about this amazing experience with two of the most fun people I’ve met? I’m honestly not sure but let’s get into Bi-Shun and Alan’s SARATOGA SPRINGS WEDDING. It’s not all the time one gets to rock with three sets of friends on three separate weddings with two at the […]

“ In my experience there is no such thing as luck.”   Obi-Wan Kenobi   Because one can never have TOO much of the force. Even though we only had some small pops of the SW around Julea and Harrisons AVENUE OF THE ARTS WEDDING, it was enough to bring out our scruffy looking nerf […]