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These images are as much the people in them as they are me. 

When Kat had asked me to shoot her wedding I was so damn stoked. There were a lot of reasons but definitely numero uno was because her and Jaln were just so much fun! I’ve known Kat for a pretty long time. She performed at my wedding when she was an instructor at Ko Su […]

Well it’s a legit question yeah? WHY AREN’T YOU HAVING FUN ON YOUR WEDDING DAY? Every so often you hear the stories about so and so not having a good time or regrets about what you would have done differently and on and on. There is a simple and sure fire effective way to make […]

Ahhh G.A.S. ( Gear Acquisition Syndrome ) hahaha. Almost every photographer has it and it sticks around like a bad habit. The truth of the matter though is would you rather have someone with you who has one bag with everything they need or one with three giant pelican cases of stuff they’ll never use […]

Because. See I could totally end this blog with that one word. I won’t leave you hangin though. Let me break down this common problem and also dive in to an alternative resolution to having this part of your WEDDING TIMELINE not be an issue for anyone. A WEDDING TIMELINE is one of the most […]

Anyone who knows me knows I love Washington…not just regular love but that unhealthy, would do anything to be there type love. From the crisp air quality all the way down to the tax system, it just feels like how it should be. SO when Anastasia and Amado had to push their wedding out in […]

The long blog goodnight. I got to rock a wedding right down the street from my house, it was incredible not traveling and being to coast home after the long day. So thank you KNOLLWOOD COUNTRY CLUB WEDDING, you were fantastic and gave Risza, Alex and I a place to flex and get creative. We […]

By nightfall we had secured one hell of a day at Lulu and Henry’s 1909 TOPANGA WEDDING. First we had an unbelievable engagement session out at Vasquez Rocks, then they bless me with this rainbow. 1909 is slowly growing into one of my favorite venues to work at. Cue the win for shortest blog post […]

Ahh December in Temecula. When the sun goes down at noon and so do the temps. It doesn’t however take away from the beauty and let me tell you, this MOUNT PALOMAR WINERY WEDDING had it in spades. What can I say other than there is something magical about Temecula and weddings. Even in the […]

Sometimes, every once in a while…well let’s be honest…never in recent history, something happens on such a scale that it just fucks everything up…for everybody. There are those that fold and stay wrapped up in the fear blanket and there are those that don’t. Holly and Nick kicked fear in the balls, laughed about it […]

A B-Boy and B-Girl had a DIAMOND BAR CENTER WEDDING. It was dope to say the least. First dance choreo, backspins and straight up good times. A super fun couple to uprock with. Don’t sleep on the DIAMOND BAR CENTER WEDDING venue either. I shoot in SoCal a lot and rarely get out to the […]