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These images are as much the people in them as they are me. 

You’ve found your venue, booked your photographer ( hint hint ) and now are looking to get on all of your other dream vendors. One thing is for sure though, you need a killer timeline in order to maximize your time with them. Your wedding day will be over in a blink of an eye […]

” The hardest arithmetic to master is that which enables us to count our blessings. “ ~ Eric Hoffer ~ I had to throw this quote in the mix, it’s too damn awesome not to. Francis is a Mathematician ( and an amazing one at at ) so what better way to start this story than […]

” Never give up. Today is hard, tomorrow will be worse, but the day after tomorrow will be sunshine.” ~ Jack Ma ~ Amen to all of that! One sentence, all the meanings for many different aspects of life. Sometimes we find ourselves in places and think ” self, how in the hell did I get […]

” Paris is always a good idea “ ~ Audrey Hepburn ~ One of my favorite actresses from one of my favorite periods. The beauty and confident innocence that Hepburn wields is something that when I was a very young child had stuck with me. Classic story from Sabrina to Roman Holiday all hold a […]

” There are two great days in a persons life – The day we are born and the day we discover why “ ~ William Barclay ~ What an incredible train of thought. Such a vague logic but precisely hits the mark in all of us. There is no arguing that we get to experience […]

Yeah this was an extra fun wedding! I love heading up to the Rincon / Santa Barbara area for weddings! Por Que you may ask? Because firstly I love the coastal air, secondly 99.9% of the time the venues have something totally kick ass to shoot and lastly because my SANTA BARBARA brides and grooms […]

” Our heritage and ideals, our code and standards – the things we live by and teach our children – are preserved or diminished by how freely we exchange ideas and feelings. “ ~ Walt Disney ~ As a huge Disney fan myself for well as long as I can remember, growing up with the ideals […]

” Constantly talking isn’t necessarily communicating “ ~Joel Barish~ Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind This quote. That one right there is a huge reason why I love my medium. A huge reason why some of my best friends and I can sit around not talking about anything, perfectly happy with one another. It’s a […]

YES! Lindsay and John’s wedding at the GRAND 1401 in FRESNO CA was AWESOME!! I love when I get to travel up north for weddings, everything seems so fresh and new and my eye gets to work in overdrive haha! THE GRAND 1401 is an incredible venue. Originally built in the 1920’s and restored to […]

Ah the joy of working out in Santa Barbara. When you’re that close to the coast you can hear the waves and feel the ocean breeze wash over. It’s so refreshing when you’re working your butt off hahaha! Santa Barbara has SO many awesome facets to it, the ocean, thriving community bonds and the historical […]