It’s been a while since I’ve last written any helpful tips for kicking ass on your wedding day, today I felt a little frisky so decided to drop a little gem for you. BALANCING YOUR WEDDING DAY.

Firstly ( let me just get this out of the way ) there are a ton of things that will throw your wedding off balance. One thing affecting another, culminating into a snowball of dumb that climbing out of can be equal parts frustrating and stressful. This is a fact, and it’s our jobs ( the vendors ) to help prevent any of it happening or if it does happen try our best to help you avoid noticing it.

Saddlerock Ranch Malibu Wedding

Weddings are ruled by timelines. No matter what style you want, reportage, everything posed, classic, lifestyle etc etc…the day will be laid out in some form of structure. When we set up timelines we do so to accommodate what type of flow it is your wanting, but never the less there is some form of timeline. Unfortunately these are also the key component of BALANCING YOUR WEDDING DAY. One thing gets fucked up and then we end up pushing and pulling other things. What this means is, that one hour we had planned to kick ass with some bride and groom pictures now becomes half the time, quarter of the time or just straight up no time.

We can avoid these issues and achieve a greater balance with a few small advices. FIRST, whatever time hair and makeup suggest as a start time…tell them to start one hour earlier. Hair and make up is the #1 reason timelines get the TNT ( sorry awesome artists but it’s true ). Also don’t have them finish you up last, you’re the star so let others play catch up. If you run behind EVERYTHING RUNS BEHIND.

SECOND, ditch the wedding party ( Bridesmaids and Groomsmen ). I know, I know. Take a deep breath and really think about that one. I’m not saying don’t have your close friends with you during prep, I’m saying they are the #2 reason timelines get blown to bits. Can they be fun yes, but they don’t need to be in a wedding party to have fun. Let them enjoy their freedom without responsibility. When you ditch a wedding party you gain two incredible options. 1. More time to explore and get creative with pictures. 2. More time to actually be with your wedding guests who you invited to celebrate with. Ask yourself how many weddings have you been to where you barely even had a chance to hang out with your friends? Really think about that.


THIRD, do not let a planner ( or yourself ) set up a timeline down to the minute. This is just a recipe for disaster and will 100% never hold. Allow yourself padding and breaks. Take a damn breather. Also never be afraid to tell your photographer or videographer that you need a break, we probably do as well HA!

FOURTH and last, do a modern first look. I wrote extensively about it here. The amount of time this buys you allows you to push and pull MUCH easier during a wedding day AND maximizes the amount of time you have.

That’s about it for today. These are all things I go over on calls so when you book my #1 goal is to kick ass with you. I want to do cool shit but YOU must also want to do cool shit and it starts with a balanced wedding day. Never forget that, if you don’t give your all then we can’t show you your all. Get emotional, get close, show the love to everyone who loves you. Don’t be stressed or grumpy or defensive, When you act that way you eliminate the possibilities of doing awesome stuff.

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