You’ve proposed, they said yes, and now comes the fun part. Hiring INCREDIBLE vendors for your wedding hahahaha! Yeah I know, I’ve been there. It CAN be a fun process and it most definitely will be a little stressful. But knowing what you want and getting them early can save you a TON of frustration. I’m coming at this from the standpoint of your wedding photographer but it honestly can spread the whole gamut of other creative vendors. Here’s one reason why you need to BOOK YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER EARLY, because we book FAST.

I typically book 9-12 months prior to a wedding date and sometimes even TWO YEARS out. It’s incredible and I get stoked knowing I’ll be a part of so many peoples wedding dreams BUT I am always turning down other AMAZING couples because they waited last minute. In my opinion the priorities should be as follows. 1. Venue 2. photographer…..then everything else HAHA. As long as you have the venue and someone as AWESOME as me as your photographer then at the very least you’ll have EPIC images.

Don’t let procrastination dictate the quality of vendors you deserve. I’ve had inquiries tell me they will pay double to free a date hahaha and while it IS super flattering and awesome I’ve had to turn them away. Every once in a while I CAN take a last minute wedding, usually this is because I’ve blocked it for some family time or just flat out wanted a free weekend day for myself…but those are few and far between. BOOK YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER EARLY IS SUPER IMPORTANT, don’t let anyone tell you differently. Imagine going to your favorite restaurant and ordering your favorite meal, now imagine if they only had 5 of that meal available. You bet your ass you’d get there early to eat it right?  This is no different, I can only feed INCREDIBLE images to those who come to feast first hahaha!


Coto DeCaza Wedding


My advice to you is if you know what you want, GET IT. Get in there early, get your date locked. I’d love to be your photographer but if your waiting until last minute you may have to settle for your 2nd, 3rd and even 4th choice.


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I want to tell YOUR story and be you’re PASADENA WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER! Chat with me today to see if your date is still available!



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