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These images are as much the people in them as they are me. 

Back at it for some PASADENA STREETS ENGAGEMENT. So why do I say it that way? Because I just don’t stay in one spot. It just so happens that heading out to Downtown Pasadena has a lot of hidden gems that just don’t get love, I try to find these areas to give the love […]

For this DOWNTOWN PASADENA ENGAGEMENT we took a slightly different route around the area. Most times people just head right in and bask in the architecture, they miss the other good stuff. I like to wander around outside and find nooks that are rad, over looked and most importantly underused. This is one of the […]

Hey what’s up everyone! I’m back it again with another super awesome VASQUEZ ROCKS ENGAGEMENT, this time with Lulu and Henry. For those curious, VASQUEZ ROCKS is located a few minutes up the 14 fwy pass Santa Clarita. The’s a ton a different looks to get out here. We get the epic landscapes, nice desert […]

Today’s GRANADA HILLS ENGAGEMENT post brought to you by Thao and Alan. We met up at Bee Canyon for a quick engagement shoot ( I believe it was about 45 minutes haha ) and in that 45min we came away with some really rad images. I really like taking couples here, it has beautiful colors […]

Sometimes you just have to run through the streets, sometimes you just have to jump in. When I do engagement sessions deep in the heart of cities I want to use the city and all it’s grittiness and imperfections. When I do a DTLA ENGAGEMENT I get that everywhere I look. Sure there a few […]

Ahhh G.A.S. ( Gear Acquisition Syndrome ) hahaha. Almost every photographer has it and it sticks around like a bad habit. The truth of the matter though is would you rather have someone with you who has one bag with everything they need or one with three giant pelican cases of stuff they’ll never use […]

Today we went down to the city that never sleeps while it was awake. The start to this DOWNTOWN LA ENGAGEMENT had me in stitches, what a rad couple. We walked around to The Broad, Disney Concert Hall and hopped on some Limes to get our scooter on. I think the key to so much […]

What do you get when you have a rainy day and a PASADENA CITY HALL ENGAGEMENT session scheduled? Well you shoot right through it! Luckily we caught a nice break through the drizzle but the great thing about PASADENA CITY HALL is that a lot of the areas are covered so worst case is we […]

Living up here in North LA it’s not easy finding a local spot that offers that nice forest look as well as rocky mountains. For engagement sessions I really try to stay away from the average park, although there are a couple I really like. For Traci and Ernesto we chose to do a CORRIGANVILLE […]

You know what I don’t do enough of? Proposals hahaha! This was an incredibly fun RINCON BEACH PROPOSAL. Tiffany and Freddy live in Texas and came out our way to RINCON BEACH for some R&R and horse back riding, little did Tiffany know that Freddy had much bigger plans in store for their quick getaway! […]