Hey! So a while ago I did a quick INSTAGRAM Q/A in my stories with the promise of putting them in a blog so they can always be accessed. So…while I did get some pretty dope questions that can be helpful I also got a lot of dumb shit that I had to weed out LOL. If you’ve ever done a Q/A you know this comes with the territory and if they were actually funny I would include them.

So I’m just going to drop them below in no particular order. I’ll probably do another one of these later this year too because it’s kinda like a mini-faq about me and what I’m doing and that can be pretty helpful. So without further ado scroll down for that INSTAGRAM Q/A.

  1. Have you shot at ( insert venue name here ) before? This question I get a lot. The easiest way to explain it is this : there are thousands of venues in California. I do on average 35-40 weddings a year so the likelihood of being at the same venue multiple times is low. Don’t get me wrong it does happen but it’s completely 100% not important. No venue is the same, no couple is the same and no day is the same. Because of this you need vendors that can adapt to any circumstance and I can do that in spades.
  2. Do you offer any discounts? Not really BUT I am a firm believer in the barter system and think the world would be WAY better off by implementing it as a way to supplement currency. So if you kick ass at your job and it’s something I can use or if you just have something you don’t need that’s valuable we can always put a price on things.
  3. Why are you so chill on a wedding day? Hahaha why not. There is absolutely no room for assholes or dicks on a wedding day and if you have them get rid of them. Surround yourself with awesome people and the day will be awesome rain or shine. That’s my philosophy. If you’re stressing out or pissed off because xyz just remember this one thing, your pictures and your video will reflect that and you will be even more bummed when you get them back because you can’t hide those emotions in the face. So if a guest or a vendor pisses you off or the flowers don’t show up DO NOT WORRY ABOUT IT. It’s already game time and you still have to hit the home runs. Let the vendors you hired worry about that stuff and then deal with the vendors after the wedding day.
  4. Can you explain what all day coverage is? Sure. You tell me when to arrive and leave haha. If you plan on having a 12-14hr wedding then this is your best bet to get everything covered. Most others collections start at 6-8hrs but I like to offer a 10hr or an all day option.
  5. Do we need a second photographer? This really depends on what you want documented. For weddings of 100 guests and under I’d say not really but for over 100 guests or separate prep locations I would advise for one. While we’re out rocking they can cover cocktail hour and get a lot of the off angles / candids that we love so much.
  6. I’m thinking about hiring a family friend who’s hobby is photography, should I? No. I’ve had more brides than I can count over the last 10yrs tell me how much they regretted that decision. If they do not specialize in weddings then they will and can fuck something up.
  7. Do you offer albums? I do! The great thing is you are able to design them directly in your gallery exactly how you want it. That means no back and forth with corrections / emails, you can take as long as you’d like or get it done as quickly as you’d like.
  8. Why do you wear all black? I’m a ninja.

So that concludes this installment of the INSTAGRAM Q/A! I hope it was helpful and will do another one soon. If YOU have any questions at all though feel free to email / text or call me!


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