The Family Shot List | How to stay organized during family pictures


Ahh The Family Shot List. You know….a lot of people in the industry see this part of the story as the ” necessary evil ” and you know what, I couldn’t disagree more. Does it take a little longer doing them? Yeah sure. Do they seem like they would be a step and repeat process? Yep! They do and they are, but they can still kick ass and you can have fun doing them. The Family Shot is perhaps the most important pictures you’ll be doing on your wedding day and in order for them to go smooth and MAXIMIZE our time together it’s best to have a family grouping list. What can take 30min -40min can easily be reduced by having this. But HOW?? HOW is this possible Bryan? HAHA.  Let’s get into that, but first here’s this – If doing the family pictures right after the ceremony, have your officiant announce this so that your family doesn’t leave the immediate area. Cool? Cool get on that hahaha.


So how do we save time doing The Family Shot? Well for starters we get organized. By having a simple grouping list we can know exactly who needs to be in what group. I remember first starting out there were a few times we winged it….and never again. Winging it on your wedding day is a complete waste of a vendors time, there MUST be a plan in place ( this is where a coordinator and solid timeline comes into play ). We waste time by trying to figure out where Uncle John is ( the bar ) or where cousin Jane is ( chilling with other guests ). By having your officiant tell everyone to stay put we saved about 5-10 minutes of the time right there. Secondly we know who was in a group already. No more wondering if a certain person was in a group thus no more waste of time wondering, BOOM another 5min saved from having to figure it out.


Another to save you time is RIGHT NOW. This is why I am giving you a head start and have created a simple Word Doc template for The Family Shot List. Add to it, remove from it and alter it any way you see fit. Just make sure I have it before the wedding. I want your story to flow and I want you to have the best time of your life, having The Family Shot List is a tool that we can use to contribute to that. AND IT’S FREE. Free monetarily and free from you having to waste time creating one. Seriously, let’s rock it and not worry about it later.

To download The Family Shot List just get clicky on the link!




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