Jessica and Marcs wedding went down at the 5 CROWNS LAGUNA. I always love heading out that way because we get amazing weather, the food is good and yeah that nice coastal breeze. It all comes together so perfect. The wedding was just how I like them, small and intimate with a shitload of fun. The recipe couldn’t have been better!

5 CROWNS LAGUNA is a restaurant in the downtown area that has a pretty dope layout. The back is an open air style ceremony/reception area that’s really pretty, the one thing is does lack though is areas for wider framed images. For tighter portraits there is more than enough areas to venture off to, especially the rad red phone booth out front. We ended up using the side ally way for group stuff which wasn’t too bad but I would have loved for the layout to be a little more spacious. All in all though Jessica and Marc’s 5 CROWNS LAGUNA WEDDING was pretty damn awesome and the super important fact that everyone partied and had a great time will trump location every time.

Here are a few of my favorites from their 5 CROWNS LAGUNA WEDDING.



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