San Gabriel Country Club Wedding | Vivian + Victor

There’s always a story to tell and the simplicity of telling those stories is wonderful. Lately I have been focusing on the flow of the day and less on forcing perspective of the story, Vivian and Victors SAN GABRIEL COUNTRY CLUB WEDDING was no exception. One of my favorite things is watching how the day unfolds during a wedding. It’s essential to be in the right place and anticipate when shooting in a more photojournalistic or documentary style, also to know how to use the tools you have to best capture it. One of my all time favorite photographers taught me an invaluable lesson which is to set the stage and let everything else interact with it. So how do you achieve this without forcing a bride and groom? Soft direction and reminding them they should live in the moment and not have a care in the world of what’s going on elsewhere. It’s so important for newly weds to enjoy not only the day of their wedding but the company of each other. Never mind what I’m doing hahaha, just show that love for each other.

Vivian and Victor ran through their wedding day doing just that, not worrying and just having fun. From their carefree attitudes to the emotional ups throughout the day, they both rocked and I loved every moment of it!

Please find a few my favorites below and have a great week!



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