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These images are as much the people in them as they are me. 

Hey hey! It’s that time! What A Wedding at WILSON CREEK WINERY TEMECULA! This one is a little close to heart to me because not only was it AMAZING but I was surrounded by people who I know and worked with for YEARS in my former career. The atmosphere it created was so warm. Let […]

Some of my favorite weddings are when I get to travel. The change of scenery, vibe of the environment and people, it’s all so refreshing! So when Sarah and Nick booked me for their GRACE MARILYN ESTATE WEDDING I was jumping for joy HAHA. I love going up to the SLO ( San Luis Obispo […]

DUDE! Have you been to GALAWAY DOWNS? What an INCREDIBLE wedding venue! Ok so before I even get started on this super rad couple let me just go over something with you about GALAWAY DOWNS in Temecula, this place is amazing. “So Bryan…why do you keep telling me this?” Well for starters the way everything […]

  Oh man Stephanie and Andrews HANFORD COURTE SUTTER CREEK WEDDING was AWESOME! SUTTER CREEK is right in the heart of Gold Country and was founded in the 19th century ( hows that for some history! ). Surrounded by wine regions, old gold mines and the cutest damn town I had ever set foot in. […]

Would I trade anything in the world for the feeling I get when I get to rock with awesome brides and grooms? Hell no. The satisfaction and inner peace it brings me is so great when I have happy ass clients that it builds up and flows through me long after the party is over. […]

  What I’m really thinking is ” DAMN I have to get back to SMOKY HALLOW! ” Hahaha! This little hidden gem of a venue is BY FAR one of the coolest I’ve seen in South Los Angeles. It has character in spades with rustic dark / moody tie ins, chalk board walls and to […]

It’s so easy. Trust your photographer, get to know your photographer, email your photographer when you have things swirling around in your head…..CONNECT. I can only speak for myself on this subject so keep in mind everything I’m writing is my point of view and my opinion. It would be futile to argue because honestly […]

Amanda and Lobs esession up in Fresno was pretty rad. Although a long drive it gives me time to plan out in my head the day…and also listen to music pretty loud HAHA. I’m a tad behind on blogs so as I’m putting this up they have already had their wedding over at HobbesGrove. I’ll […]

Too excited to even share this post. Maybe I’ll just keep it all to myself HAHA. I mean I had so much fun with Ryan and Trent out at El Matador in Malibu that it is now my go to spot whenever a couple asks for location advice. What amazing people these two are, fit, […]

  Hey Hey!! What can I say! Cheryllin and Oscar had an incredible METROPOL BURBANK WEDDING! This day was TOUGH hahaha! We started out good and well and then that Valley temp started to rise and didn’t let up until it hit 112 degrees! Holy shit it was hot! When I say hot I mean […]