Two things to know about me before you book.


Hey everyone! You’re probably here because you think I have TWO THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT ME BEFORE YOU BOOK for you yeah? Well I DO! Hahaha. First let me just thank you for getting clicky on the blog and following along with me and my incredible brides/grooms. I meet SO many fascinating people and get to share with them the most important chapter in their life. It’s rad. There are plenty of other things to know but for now I’ll just touch on these.

Second I wanted to let you know this topic of TWO THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT ME BEFORE YOU BOOK is somewhat misleading in that it may be a little more info than that HA! It really depends on how in zone I’m going to get while typing this so bear with me. A lot of the times when I type out a blog it’s right off the top of my head without any ” master outline ” like some do. It keeps me authentic by living in the moment.

I need you to have a good timeline. By good timeline I mean have it spaced well, have enough time slotted for romantics / family pictures and wedding party. Sometimes couples don’t have a planner so end up doing the timeline themselves and that’s cool…but they don’t always work out well. Let me know! I will help you tailor a timeline whether you have a planner or don’t. Why? Because in order for you to have a kick ass time on the one day that will go by faster than any other you’ve had you need to be organized somewhat. Every couple that books gets a timeline consultation because of this. I’m trying to MAXIMIZE your investment into me and get the most out your day, the better you can rock on your wedding day the better I can rock with you on your wedding day. Let’s make sure we have enough time to get some INCREDIBLE images, adventure out from the venue if possible and actually enjoy the experience!

Not to sound cliche but teamwork DOES make the dreamwork HAHAHA! Before you book with me I want you to know that this is a joint effort to get amazing images. I have had in the past ( years ago ) grooms that refused to take pictures, brides that refused to go by the timeline or simply just turned diva….these are not my clients. I don’t want to sound TOO harsh but just as you are looking for your photographer who is a great fit, I am also looking for my clients to be a great fit. Makes sense yeah? This is why I always stress chemistry, it’s a two way street. This is also why when you take on other vendors that I recommend it’s an even better time because we all know how to rock together and are on the same page. There is a reason some sports teams have incredible players and never reach the playoffs and then there is a reason why the Celtics can go to the Eastern Finals with nothing but lower tier players…it’s ALL chemistry, hard work and having fun. What you want in a vendor is not only a great product but also an AMAZING experience.


For now that’s about it. I could quite literally go on and on about things you will want to know but that’s what a good consult will cover 🙂 So give me a call or shoot me an email and we can talk until the sun goes down about all of the little things that can contribute to you having an INCREDIBLE wedding day!

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I want to tell YOUR story and be you’re BURBANK WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER! Chat with me today to see if your date is still available!



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