Okay so why am I going to tell you this? Right? Look, I pretty much only shoot weddings. Sometimes I book rad clients and sometimes I lose them to price shopping, it’s all good. That doesn’t mean I don’t equally want you to not get incredible images. Whether your rockin with me or someone else you need to have some type of knowledge of who you are choosing to be your wingman or wingwoman on your wedding day. There are a TON of wedding sites that give you lists of what to ask a photographer…and I’ll tell you right now that most of the questions are BS. A quick example is one I get sometimes which is ” what type of camera do you use ?” HAHA This is like asking Jordan what type of ball he shoots before asking him to be on your squad! Give him a hot air balloon and he’ll still dunk it. My point is, give me a shitty camera with a shitty – decent lens and unless you knew the technical’s you’d be hard pressed to tell me it was done with a crap camera. Fortunately I don’t use crap to shoot but hopefully you understand what I’m trying to explain. Those lists from popular sites are riddled with junk that really doesn’t matter in the big picture. SO I put together a super simple topic today, ASK THESE 3 QUESTIONS WHEN BOOKING YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER.

  • How would you describe yourself? – Not how would you describe your style, you’ve already seen their work so either you like it or don’t. What you need to know is how does that person see themselves. This person will be with you ALL day so use this knowledge to gain a perspective on if you could mesh. You’re on my site, see my work but now you need to hear it from me on how I see myself. I’m a confident and empathetic person who doesn’t worry about what I cannot control during the day. I value my family above all else. I’m laid back, super easy and try to find the silver lining in bad situations and line the silver in the good ones. I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed but my manual clearly reads I cut. I am resourceful, resilient and not bad to look at HAHA!
  • What’s one thing you’ve had to overcome in life? This may seem too personal but IMO it sheds light on will and perseverance. You are paying a lot of money to someone who will be by your side and your BFF for the day, wouldn’t you like to know that person has the confidence and creativity to plow through any problems that occur and get your back when you need it? I had to overcome homelessness at a young age, sleeping behind 7-11’s in an old CRX and hustling to get enough so I could eat or have gas. How did I overcome it? By busting my ass and building bridges, jumping from couch to couch and learning from those I was around. Taking responsibility by the horns and grinding a 9-5 so I could pursue other passions of mine, which I have achieved now by being a full time photographer. I work for my dreams and not someone else’s. Only a few people know this story and now you do too.
  • How many off camera flashes do you use? Now before I start a war with any one flash on camera photogs who are reading this let me qualify this question. It’s about how you are progressing in your abilities and your technical know how. The following is strictly my opinion. Any good photographer can do you justice during the day but when it comes to low light/indoor receptions a whole new set of challenges await…and they all need light. This is what separates the big boys from the little ones IMO. If a photog is using one flash on camera then you will have flat, unfavorable images. If a photog is using multiple lights off camera then you will get dynamic looking images. See this link for a better explanation of how I use light . Every wedding photographer should be learning how to evolve for the betterment of our couples and this is simply put, a crucial step in evolving because EVERY wedding has a reception and to rely on one on camera flash is shear laziness. I use three and kit them out with MagMod grids to control spill so no matter where I am on the dance floor I can get an amazing shot. A photographer you pay more than $2k for should know these fundamentals. Some call it style I call it being lazy.

WELL! I hope you enjoyed this topic to ASK THESE 3 QUESTIONS WHEN BOOKING YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER, I’m sure I’m going to field a few angry emails for that last one but I don’t care. You deserve to know your photographer as well as know their technical abilities.

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