Today I was sitting here watching some Fresh Prince of Bel Air reruns ( yeah that’s right ) and a couple emails came in. That’s awesome right? YES it is! I noticed something about them though, they each had the same question. SO…because I’m super rad and care about YOUR time as much as mine I decided to list out for you the TOP 5 QUESTIONS I get. I want to save you TIME by not having to write these out so you can get back what is your priority, planning your wedding! So onward we go!

How many images do we receive? Good! This is my most asked question and the answer is a little deeper than you think. Coming in at number one of my TOP 5 QUESTIONS is : The short and sweet of it is on average I deliver between 70-100 images per hour of coverage. So for anyone who doesn’t want to read on about how that average comes into play, cool. Head on over to this link and read about TIMELINES and how to maximize your time so we can get some incredible pictures ( you didn’t think I’d let you leave that easy did you? ). For those of you still here you get a crisp high five haha!

On your wedding day there are so many variable that come into play that directly effect the outcome of how much time I have to be shooting. If you want to be on the higher end of the average then doing your bridal prep AT your venue will yield you those results most likely. If your prep is across town in traffic and we have to travel to multiple locations then you’ll yield the lower end of the average. This is why I ALWAYS ADVISE my brides and grooms to either do prep at the venue ( no travel ), do bride AND groom prep in the same hotel ( not at your home or parents house….unless it’s off the hook ) and/or do bride and groom prep in a hotel very close to the venue. All of these things are key to MAXIMIZING YOUR INVESTMENT.

You don’t want 2000 pictures that will sit on your hard drive/Ipad/Iphone to die…hell even 800 is a little too much. Make sure you are getting them printed, if not through me then by someone else. I have a box of every image from my own wedding filled with 4x6s ( very inexpensive ) because holding them in my hand and having that physical copy wields much more power in emotion.

Do I need a second photographer? Yes and no. I do many weddings by myself with no problem at all. Those weddings are usually less than 100 guests, smallish wedding parties ( 6 total ) and doesn’t require multiple locations. SO if this fits your vision then no, one photographer can handle it. I use this analogy when describing a second photographer. Imagine your favorite book ( or film ), open the pages and you have your  1st ACT. Typically around the middle will be that 2nd ACT and then about 75% of the way through your 3rd ACT starts. One photographer will get you these ACTS.

A second photographer is required to get the fill of the story or exposition. This way I’m able to tell a fully coherent story with a lot of what you DIDN’T see going down. Now the other thing I’ll bring up is that I don’t use a normal second shooter. I consider them Co-Leads.

So what does this mean to you? It means that you can trust them just as you can trust me, they have PLENTY of experience, know how to use the tools for any situation and the last two BIG ONES: Can lead and have amazing personalities. This is why I pay them well. I don’t use students or people I need to babysit, I use full time professionals with their own successful businesses who don’t happen to have their own wedding booked that day HAHA.  And they kick ass. A very good addition to the TOP 5 QUESTIONS.

How long before I receive my images? I’ll leave this one short – Off season ( Dec – March ) two weeks. Peak season ( every other month ) roughly four weeks.

Do I need to do First Look? Well well well click on this link FIRST LOOKS. TRADITIONAL VS MODERN AND WHY YOU SHOULD ALWAYS CHOOSE THE LATTER.

Can we meet in person? Yes. I do about 90% of my bookings over SKYPE and 10% in person. Why is this? Well for one we live in LA County and we all know how much we LOVE to sit in traffic hahaha. Second my in person hours are only available on the weekdays ( my weekends are reserved for weddings and family time ) between 10:30am and 1pm. These weekday windows are small because I’m also a full time dad and have to take and pick up my kids from school. This is where SKYPE comes in. I’m able to do calls at night when you’re out of traffic in the comforts of your home so it’s WAY more convenient for you.

ALRIGHT! So this concludes the TOP 5 QUESTIONS I get asked about my wedding services. Now back to work!

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I want to tell YOUR story and be you’re PASADENA WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER! Chat with me today to see if your date is still available!



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