In my line of work I hear a lot of different stories about how couples met and the one that always gets me is the long distance story. Even in the age of internet and fast travel it’s by far the hardest to endure and see through. Having personally had one half way across the world for a few years I know how the ups and downs can really have impact in ways that close distance doesn’t. Which brings us to this ARLINGTON GARDENS ENGAGEMENT.

These two endured it and saw it through to the end and it’s beautiful. When I meet couples who are genuinely kind and good people I love to hear how awesome the path has been that they’ve traveled. See…the key to long distance is not talking to each other every night on the phone or flying back and forth a hundred times ( although those help haha ), the key is trusting the strength of your feelings and trusting in the end that the attrition your heart has will lead you into that bigger picture you’re painting. I am so so happy these two have that strength. Our ARLINGTON GARDENS ENGAGEMENT was the perfect recipe.

I’ll be writing about the wedding later which was another all types of special 🙂


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