The Night Shot

THE NIGHT SHOT. What I love so much about THE NIGHT SHOT is that they are completely different than anything else we can capture throughout the day, create an AMAZING way to end the night and is a GREAT way to give brides and grooms a break from the evening. Almost every venue I have worked has at least one area that is good for NIGHT SHOTS. The ones that…well you just have to make it happen HAHA.

So here’s what goes down. When I arrive at a venue it’s 99% of the time early. I use this time for a few things, scouting the areas, stretching and looking for possible areas for THE NIGHT SHOT. Sometimes they are readily available like if I see trees wrapped in twinkly lights or uplighting accents hidden throughout the venue, other times they are in not so obvious spots like backlit bars, giant glass wine racks or even a garden that has hidden lighting around the area. No matter the case I try to find these places early so that later at night I can whisk you away for 5-10 min and we can make some magic.

When going through your wedding images you always want a final act to the story, not unlike a film. Can you imagine watching a great film and having it just end? That would be awful. I use THE NIGHT SHOT for this final act. That end of night banger that accentuates just how far the adventure went. We get an incredible image for the end of an album and usually these are bought as larger prints because creatively they kick ass and look great in your home. Not to say the others won’t hahahaha but most of my clients would rather have a creative piece from the wedding instead of a more natural light image.

The key to getting THE NIGHT SHOT is knowing what the hell your doing HAHAHA. Have you ever taken a picture in total darkness? Did you LOVE what was on your camera? Probably not. Thats because you need to mix in dynamic lighting to add to the environment. Sometimes it’s as simple as one light behind you, sometimes there may be multiple lights. So in order to achieve this you need someone who not only has the knowledge of off camera lighting but also someone who can do it quick and not waste your whole evening trying to get just one image. Again…the goal is to whisk you away, get that INCREDIBLE night shot(s) and then get you back to the party without anyone knowing your gone. There have been times though that a bride and groom want to spend more time on these which is great too. We get to walk around and get a few different looks for those EPIC images.

Below is just a small taste of THE NIGHT SHOT. Check it out, get pumped and contact me so I can add these AMAZING style images to your wedding story!




Coto DeCaza Wedding


Grace Maralyn Estate Wedding
















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