One thing I’ve been DYING to do is to give back to all of the INCREDIBLE vendors I work with who I see going above and beyond for my brides and grooms. I work with A LOT but there are a select few that have always stood out in one way or another and most importantly has always had their eye on the prize, which is giving brides and grooms an AMAZING experience. This is why I created VENDOR SPOTLIGHT. To showcase the extraordinary so when you are planning your wedding, big or small, you can have access to some of the insights of other professionals in the industry without having to get lost in the internets! Our first is with NATALIE SOFER!

When my wife and I were planning our wedding we interviewed SO many vendors in hopes to find the right one’s but instead of finding someone who’s character we loved as well as the quality of service, we ended up with just the latter. Now to most that might be enough but what I have learned in the years of being around so many couples is that the CHEMISTRY matters just as much, especially with how much you’re investing in them. If you read through my reviews the one constant is that they all get along with me, I help them feel at ease and that I’m laid back. Well, why wouldn’t you want that of all your vendors? If you’re going to be around someone for 8+ hours you ( whether you know it or not ) need to have chemistry with them.

So, with all that said let me introduce you to NATALIE SOFER of Natalie Sofer Weddings & Events



To start tell my viewers a little about yourself!

Hello everyone. My name is Natalie Sofer and I am from London.  I came here as teenager and i never lost my accent as it is a part of me.  I love theater, movies, wine tasting and spending time with my friends, also going on adventures.

What made you start your wedding planning company?

I started my company in 2007. I had produced theater for 4 years and discovered my passion for producing events out of producing galas and fundraising for the theater community.

Tell us your funniest moment  or most emotional moment you’ve seen at a wedding.

In 2013, one of my brides rewrote the words to Someone Like You by Adele and sung it to her husband acapella. It was the most touching and poignant moment i had ever seen. I had no idea my bride was so talented.

Do you think every bride and groom need a wedding planner?

Absolutely. A planner can guide you with everything from beginning to end from finding all the vendors perfect for you, to keeping you on track with all the planning, to design, and coordinating every moment with all the vendors on the wedding day.

Any advice you have for a bride and groom about the wedding industry in general?

The wedding vendors that I refer to my clients are the best in the business. They are caring consumate professionals that will go out of the way to give each couple above and beyond for their wedding day.

Hire a professional as this is your wedding day for everything. This is what they do and give everything to insure the happiness of their clients.

What do you think is most crucial when working with other vendors? Other than you wanting them to be kick ass 🙂

It is important that all vendors work in partnership with each other. I always have a full vendor meeting a month before the wedding so on the day all vendors work as a team together to have the best day as a team working for the couple. There are no stars among the team. Each vendor is part of a team.

When an inquiry comes in, what clues do you look for to know they will be an INCREDIBLE fit for your company?

I am not for every couple. I let all my couples know that they are important to me and they know that. If a bride and groom trust me to refer them the right vendors and plan their day with the entire team, then i know we will be a fit.  Trust, communication and partnership on both parties is key.

Anything extra you’d like to share?

I love what I do and every event is about the joy for the couple and their friends and family.



Lastly is a few speed-round questions HA! Top 3 favorite venues / Top 3 favorite films and Top 3 things you still have on your bucket list!

3 fave Venues in Various Budgets

Beverly Wilshire

The Langham


3 Fave Films

Devil wears Prada

Sex and the City

Love Actually

Bucket List

Travel with the one I Love

Plan an Oscar Party

Plan the Inaugural Ball


To get a hold of Natalie for AMAZING planning services you can drop her an email here or give her a call at (310) 493-7941


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I want to tell YOUR story and be you’re PASADENA WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER! Chat with me today to see if your date is still available!



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