Joh + Nick | Laguna Wedding

The Genesis that is Laguna. Growing up in Orange County ( somewhat ) I never really had a chance to explore or get acquainted with that area or even for the most part it’s surrounding areas. Doing odd jobs in Mission Viejo up to San Juan Cap kept me rather busy to enjoy the story of Laguna and what it offers. There is so much I don’t know about the city I’ll spare you the BS but what I do know is it is all encompassing beauty / traffic / great food. It seemed at every turn there was either an amazing aroma in the air, 30 cars not sure how fast to drive or an incredible view. How torn I was in my emotions for this city HAHA. Returning for this awesome LAGUNA WEDDING was just what I needed. 

Joh and Nick met through Coffee Meets Bagel ( yet another success story from that app ) and they were wed soon after. In my opinion I couldn’t agree more, if you have something in your grasp that kicks all types of ass…why wait? I love when I hear these stories of spontaneity. It reminds me of a more simpler time I wasn’t alive to experience, where you liked something you acquired it, you loved someone and you told them and you aspired to be something and you achieved it…all without the complete nonsense that surrounds our lives today. No wondering what the next will think or dream doubting or being engaged for 10yrs because ” what if “. I am 100% convinced this time period existed. When, I have no idea…but if you need it, want it or love it…go get it or do it.

I don’t normally do a lot of beach weddings for obvious reasons, if you’re a photographer you may know why, but there was something about these two that drew me into them. I can’t quite put my finger on it but if I do I’ll update the blog hahaha. I just felt very comfortable with them and that’s a rad feeling to have when you’re around strangers.

We had an amazing time and made some incredible imagery.

Would I ever go back to Laguna? For certain. If not for the views and food then for a chance to relive how badass this wedding really was.


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