Amanda and Lob’s wedding was really special. Firstly this HOBBS GROVE WEDDING is awesome! For those that don’t know they mainly do a Halloween get up that spans the property, and they do a kick ass job of that in itself. They renovated the space in off season to accommodate other events and did an amazing job. My only issue is the bridal prep room, it has sooo much potential but very little love put into it’s aesthetic. If they took everything out, hardwood the floors, paint, choose one color temp of lighting ( instead of three ) and added a nice settee or lounge bed this would easily be my favorite bridal prep room. I know that seems like a lot but trust me if they could get it to match the outside it would be incredible. Hobbs is a great little hidden gem up north near Fresno.

Secondly, these two. I loved hanging out with Amanda and Lob. I know I had a job to do but being around these two made everything so so easy. I can definitely see why they are in the professions they’re in, because they care so much about people. It really does show too. Everywhere I turned I saw smiles and celebration but it wasn’t just because of the wedding, no, it was because everyone there truly enjoyed being around each other. You really had to be there to understand it. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen this many people share the love for each other.

As I wrapped up the night a lot of guests were wanting me to stay and party and expressing how much fun they had with me around. It was awesome to experience that because I felt like I was accepted into the family sort of hahaha. That was a great feeling and one I hope to have again.

Below are a few of my favorites so please enjoy!

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