The Fun Crusher Photo Booth

Fun Crusher Photo Booth

BOOM that’s right! I own a photo booth, and it’s super awesome. Before I get into how awesome THE FUN CRUSHER PHOTO BOOTH is let me break down the how and why I came about to adding this little piece of incredible to my services.


I am at so so many events every year and in at least 75% of them there is a photo booth. Some are great and some are well…not so great. So I set out to build and customize my own so I could make sure that 100% you and your guests are having a kick ass time. My entire business is built around my clients and giving them something awesome so why not treat this the same right!? Every so often I see one and no one is engaged or having fun, the props just plain suck or are broken and best yet completely unmanned! This was totally unacceptable in my eyes and I want to change that.


So first thing I did was set out to get the most reliable tools to build THE FUN CRUSHER. A sleek kiosk style shell, fancy pants touch screen computer loaded with the incredible software and the lighting.

To me lighting was the key to everything. Everyone is using dirty white shoot thru umbrellas pointed the opposite direction so guess what…YOU LOSE THAT LIGHT haha! I want even your photo booth pictures to look great not just good so I use a Westcott Apollo Orb octabox to give you that great directional light.

The second most important thing are the props. So many times I have gone to a photo booth at a wedding and seen broken or dirty props HAHAHA! That isn’t us, if a prop breaks it gets chucked and replaced not re-used. The other thing is quality of props. We have some killer quality from Chewbacca masks that growl and Unicorn heads to super dope cherry sun glasses and wigs. Your guests need to have fun so we bring it.


Most definitely! Right now if you book any package that is $3500 or more I’ll add THE FUN CRUSHER for 3 HOURS FREE! That saves you $600!

So check it out, book and most importantly have some FUN!

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I want to tell YOUR story and be you’re PASADENA WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER! Chat with me today to see if your date is still available!




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