You’ve found your venue, booked your photographer ( hint hint ) and now are looking to get on all of your other dream vendors. One thing is for sure though, you need a killer timeline in order to maximize your time with them. Your wedding day will be over in a blink of an eye and on top of having one that is beautiful and epic you want to have images that you can remember. There are so many factors that come in to having a solid timeline this is why I’m going to offer you a FREE WEDDING TIMELINE TEMPLATE.

The first question you may be asking yourself is ” self, why would I need a great timeline and not a normal one or just wing it?” Well….as much as you may try to fight it, everything on your wedding day relies on a timeline. So why not take the extra time to make it an incredible one so you can have enough time for the images you booked me for? It’s really that simple. For example, a bad timeline is one where we have 10-20 min for bride/groom images. Now we can rock that but we need to take in account location, are we walking somewhere? That takes time. Did you want multiple locations around the venue? That takes time. Often times people forget that it actually takes time to move about so ensuring you have proper padding and proper time is crucial. I’ll say it again, IT’S CRUCIAL. Don’t skimp on the timeline or else you will potentially be rushed, not be able to get the shots you had in mind and you won’t have fun.

A big part of the timeline comes down to the Traditional First Look VS the Modern First Look. Or as I like to call it – Do we have quality time together or not – hahaha! Don’t get me wrong though, there are instances when doing a traditional look yields good enough time but those are so very few and far between, maybe around 1 out 20. All of my timelines are based on the Modern First Look taking place with 8hrs of coverage. From there we can tweak everything we need.

Feel free to download and use this free template. They are the savers of lives during a wedding day whether you have a planner or not, you have to have a great timeline in place to ensure 3 things.

  1. You know what’s going down as well as all of your vendors
  2. You WANT to make sure your photographer / videographer have enough time to create some EPIC images
  3. You want to be able to enjoy your wedding day without the feeling of being rushed.

By having a great timeline you can achieve all of these things and more. So click that link FREE WEDDING TIMELINE TEMPLATE and get to it 🙂



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