Everyone has a quite place

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”


You would be hard pressed to argue that not everyone has a quite place they go to when they need to. Mine happens to be music and the creation of it. Every once in a while I’m going to let you in on other aspects of my life, why I like them and what they do for me from a creative stand point.

Growing up ( like you all ) music played an incredibly big part in shaping my character. Today I am SUPER picky about what I listen too and can probably count on one hand the amount of new artists I really dig on, but even though I’m super picky  the range of genre is HUGE. Anywhere from solid 90’s hip hop to classic Black Sabbath, 40’s Big Band to Ramin Djawadi. Is it because they’re awful? Most certainly yes. But the real answer isn’t as shallow as that. The truth is there is no inspiration left. Everything is motivated by money and fame, which is understandable to a point because shit…aren’t most things? The issue I have is that underneath that necessity is a barren field of inspiration, message, story and just plain ol’ fun.

Years ago I decided to do something about it in my own way. I’ll make my own for myself. This is my QUITE PLACE. Is it good? Who cares. The point is I do it for myself because it’s what my brain wants to feed on. Sometimes it’s long sci-fi scores, sometimes it’s more driving with structure. I do it because I’m writing a story I’m interested in.

These days music plays a very specific purpose to me. I use it to slow down or speed up, get creative or get lost. It’s not often that I listen just for the sake of enjoyment, like any other medium I seek it for it’s purpose.

Never give up pursuing what brings you peace, even if it’s in your QUITE PLACE.


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