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These images are as much the people in them as they are me. 

Okay. Super dope couple – check, amazing prep location – check, every wedding should be at Stone Brewery – CHECK! What’s so good about having a STONE BREWERY WEDDING you might ask? The list is lengthy and hoppy, but in all seriousness it’s actually pretty damn amazing. In this world of cookie cutter venues ( […]

Living up here in North LA it’s not easy finding a local spot that offers that nice forest look as well as rocky mountains. For engagement sessions I really try to stay away from the average park, although there are a couple I really like. For Traci and Ernesto we chose to do a CORRIGANVILLE […]

“It doesn’t matter if the guy is perfect or the girl is perfect, as long as they are perfect for each other.” ~ Goodwill Hunting ~ Want to know something awesome? When you can pull off a proposal in a location where you are literally the only photographer in a place that is usually swarming […]

Firsts things first, I have NEVER done a styled shoot NOR will I either. Now before I get into this super controversial topic I want to warn you, no fucks are given, bridges shall be burned, backlash will be welcome in open arms and most importantly I will almost certainly lose any referrals from vendors […]

What do you get when you have a rainy day and a PASADENA CITY HALL ENGAGEMENT session scheduled? Well you shoot right through it! Luckily we caught a nice break through the drizzle but the great thing about PASADENA CITY HALL is that a lot of the areas are covered so worst case is we […]

Ahhh the ” Traditional VS Modern ” conversation. I cannot remember a day that I have not either talked about this, thought about it ( at least once during a normal day ) or joked about it. So before I even start writing about it I’ll say this, there really is no right way or […]

In my line of work I get to rock with rad people almost every weekend. All of the time is someones best day of their life and to be able to be a part of that is so cool and humbling. What adds to that in indescribable ways is when it’s someone in your family. […]

Where to even begin with these two. In all honesty I could stop writing now because whatever follows will never do justice to how epic Chantelle and Eriks VICEROY L’ERMITAGE BEVERLY HILLS WEDDING was. Not only was this wedding a cornerstone for me but the team of incredible vendors that was assembled truly out did […]

Hey everyone! Today’s wedding is all about family, kicking butt and maximizing the most you can out of the places you are. Jing and Dean was referred to me by Heather Brunsell of Forever & Always Weddings and Events . If you’ve ever worked with her you’d know she has some really rad clients and […]

One thing I’ve been DYING to do is to give back to all of the INCREDIBLE vendors I work with who I see going above and beyond for my brides and grooms. I work with A LOT but there are a select few that have always stood out in one way or another and most […]