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These images are as much the people in them as they are me. 

    So you see, all these rad images and cool stories cannot be done without the amazing couples that book me and the chemistry that we have together. This is why I want to let you know 10 THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT ME. I always preach it, hiring someone who’s skilled and you […]

WOOHOO! What can I say, Ji Sun and Eugenes COTA DE CAZA WEDDING was AWESOME! Everyone from the wedding party to the guests were having a blast partying. It’s these types of environments that are sooo infectious. The shear amount of laughter at every corner elevates the mood + 11 haha. That’s one element I […]

You know…I never…ever do gear reviews. Most of the time you can find them easily online, read 3-4 different ones and get the idea of how you’d benefit from it. Well the main reason I’m going to do a SIGMA 24-35 F2 ART review is simply because there do not seem to be any from […]

What an incredible LACMA ENGAGEMENT this was! Maegan and Anthony came across to the US from the Philippines to attend their besties wedding ( which I also shot a few days after this ) and contacted me so we can rock some AMAZING engagement pictures! We wanted to maximize their time with me so we […]

Have you ever been around a group of people that you just feel at home? The peaceful, can totally be yourself feeling? Well, that how I felt at Ryan and Trents WAYFARERS CHAPEL PALOS VERDES WEDDING. It was INCREDIBLE and so much FUN! We started our day with guys at the hotel and right off […]

I love the POST WEDDING session. The great thing about getting to do these is we can all choose a rad location, get dressed up again and rock some EPIC images. These sessions are perfect for those who don’t have an area at their venue that has that WOW factor! For this SHAVER LAKE POST […]

Hey hey! It’s that time! What A Wedding at WILSON CREEK WINERY TEMECULA! This one is a little close to heart to me because not only was it AMAZING but I was surrounded by people who I know and worked with for YEARS in my former career. The atmosphere it created was so warm. Let […]

Some of my favorite weddings are when I get to travel. The change of scenery, vibe of the environment and people, it’s all so refreshing! So when Sarah and Nick booked me for their GRACE MARILYN ESTATE WEDDING I was jumping for joy HAHA. I love going up to the SLO ( San Luis Obispo […]

THE NIGHT SHOT. What I love so much about THE NIGHT SHOT is that they are completely different than anything else we can capture throughout the day, create an AMAZING way to end the night and is a GREAT way to give brides and grooms a break from the evening. Almost every venue I have […]

DUDE! Have you been to GALAWAY DOWNS? What an INCREDIBLE wedding venue! Ok so before I even get started on this super rad couple let me just go over something with you about GALAWAY DOWNS in Temecula, this place is amazing. “So Bryan…why do you keep telling me this?” Well for starters the way everything […]