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These images are as much the people in them as they are me. 

Today we went down to the city that never sleeps while it was awake. The start to this DOWNTOWN LA ENGAGEMENT had me in stitches, what a rad couple. We walked around to The Broad, Disney Concert Hall and hopped on some Limes to get our scooter on. I think the key to so much […]

The long blog goodnight. I got to rock a wedding right down the street from my house, it was incredible not traveling and being to coast home after the long day. So thank you KNOLLWOOD COUNTRY CLUB WEDDING, you were fantastic and gave Risza, Alex and I a place to flex and get creative. We […]

By nightfall we had secured one hell of a day at Lulu and Henry’s 1909 TOPANGA WEDDING. Cue the win for shortest blog post ever. Is there a reason? Most certainly. I’m blogging this one doing about 100 on the 10FWY coming back from Arizona hahahaha. See ya soon Space Cowboy. This was a super […]

Ahh December in Temecula. When the sun goes down at noon and so do the temps. It doesn’t however take away from the beauty and let me tell you, this MOUNT PALOMAR WINERY WEDDING had it in spades. We stayed gold. Had a helluva party and even got to witness some epic wedding crashers getting […]

Sometimes, every once in a while…well let’s be honest…never in recent history, something happens on such a scale that it just fucks everything up…for everybody. There are those that fold and stay wrapped up in the fear blanket and there are those that don’t. Holly and Nick kicked fear in the balls, laughed about it […]

A B-Boy and B-Girl had a DIAMOND BAR CENTER WEDDING. It was dope to say the least. First dance choreo, backspins and straight up good times. A super fun couple to uprock with. Don’t sleep on the DIAMOND BAR CENTER WEDDING venue either.   While you’re here feel free to check out some of the […]

One of the questions I get asked every so often is ” Have you ever shot our venue”. It’s a logical question and I never get offended by it but what couple’s need to understand is that there are thousands upon thousands of venues and vendors ( let’s use me as example ) only do […]

Two incredibly awesome people, EARL BURNS JAPANESE GARDEN WEDDING, super fun. Kathy made her own dress and it was brilliant. Truly that’s really all that needs to be said about how amazing she is. Setting the record for shortest blog I’ve written with high ranking SEO hahaha. Seriously though Kathy & Ben kicked all types […]

Count me in for any event that includes Giraffes and Flamingos. When Andrea told me she was going to have a SANTA BARBARA ZOO WEDDING my eyes glossed over from all the rad I could envision. Santa Barbara Zoo is pretty damn cool all by itself but doing a wedding there adds an entire different […]

Yo! So here’s the short and sweet. The EOS R6 was announced, I pre-ordered….and they pushed it back all the way to Dec. So I needed a couple bodies and decided to scoop up some EOS RP’s and an EOS R for the wedding coming up before December. So is the CANON EOS RP IN […]