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These images are as much the people in them as they are me. 

Being an Orange County native one would think I would have at least ventured around quite a bit there. Well lo and behold when Kelly and Eric wanted to do a BOLSA CHICA WETLANDS ENGAGEMENT I was thinking….where? See, even though I had spent a huge chunk of my life in the OC I very […]

It’s always a good time when I find out I’m heading over to Westlake for a wedding. For some reason the city just resonates slighty different than others. Like how Simi almost always has a negative first instinct ( it’s nice there though ) Westlake has the opposite. Like I feel when I drive there […]

Hey what’s up everyone! I’m back it again with another super awesome VASQUEZ ROCKS ENGAGEMENT, this time with Lulu and Henry. For those curious, VASQUEZ ROCKS is located a few minutes up the 14 fwy pass Santa Clarita. The’s a ton a different looks to get out here. We get the epic landscapes, nice desert […]

Well shit, how do I write about this amazing experience with two of the most fun people I’ve met? I’m honestly not sure but let’s get into Bi-Shun and Alan’s SARATOGA SPRINGS WEDDING. It’s not all the time one gets to rock with three sets of friends on three separate weddings with two at the […]

Hey what’s up everyone! These next few days I’m going to be taking a break from getting all the cool shit together for 2020 ( some fun projects, my foray into vlogging and something that might surprise you if you care ) and push out some pretty rad blogs. Today’s will be Kaylin and Chris’s […]

This session almost never happened. A couple days prior to Ashley and Jowell’s EL MATADOR ENGAGEMENT there was a forecast for 100% rain, knowing Malibu….there was a slim to none chance we would be able to dodge it. Even on it’s good days EL MATADOR can have a huge blanket of overcast. So what did […]

“ In my experience there is no such thing as luck.”   Obi-Wan Kenobi   Because one can never have TOO much of the force. Even though we only had some small pops of the SW around Julea and Harrisons AVENUE OF THE ARTS WEDDING, it was enough to bring out our scruffy looking nerf […]

“The journey is part of the experience — an expression of the seriousness of one’s intent. One doesn’t take the A train to Mecca.” AB   I have to say, I love shooting a RAD PASADENA WEDDING. Not because they’re close to me or because I don’t fall asleep on the long ride home, nope, […]

LA PEER HOTEL WEDDING One the questions I get a lot of ( as well as other photographers I presume is ” Have you worked at – insert location here – ? “. It’s a funny question to me, with 1000’s of venues in California and me taking on 30-40 a year there is a […]

Oh shit, so this was one of those weddings where when you wrap up the night you leave with a big ass grin on your face. Shetal and Duran’s MUCKENTHALER WEDDING was really dope. I used to hang out a lot in Fullerton when I was younger but had never heard of THE MUCKENTHALER. It’s […]