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These images are as much the people in them as they are me. 

When I do engagement sessions I always want the setting to reflect how AMAZING my couples are. So if you’d like the classy urban look I’ll always suggest Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas, if you like a more lush nature setting then look no further than Coorigan Ville in […]

When Sheena and Steve reached out to me to capture their wedding I was pretty stoked. I love working with super fun couples and really like the port area of Long Beach down by Queen Mary which was where their REEF WEDDING was. With just four hours of coverage we had to make due with […]

Sitting here trying to find the words for how much fun I had at Katie and Michaels THE RETREAT CORONA WEDDING…this is about as far as I have got HAHA. What can I really say except, WOW! I don’t think I have ever had this much fun doing what I love to do, I mean […]

Amanda and Lob’s wedding was really special. Firstly this HOBBS GROVE WEDDING is awesome! For those that don’t know they mainly do a Halloween get up that spans the property, and they do a kick ass job of that in itself. They renovated the space in off season to accommodate other events and did an […]

The Genesis that is Laguna. Growing up in Orange County ( somewhat ) I never really had a chance to explore or get acquainted with that area or even for the most part it’s surrounding areas. Doing odd jobs in Mission Viejo up to San Juan Cap kept me rather busy to enjoy the story […]

Engagement sessions are key to getting to know your photographer. I’ve seen so many examples of Brides telling me they didn’t know or have any type of connection to their hired “tog”. It’s a shame really because of the opportunity lost to create and KYC ( Know Your Client ). It gives my bride and […]

Today I wanted to open up some conversation about the giant ego’s running around in our industry. This is mainly for other professionals in the wedding industry but to have brides and grooms garner a deeper understanding of this poison is something I highly value also. I want to talk about the chase for fame, […]

Super stoked today to bring you this CORRIGANVILLE ENGAGEMENT with Sara and Kevin! They came down all the way from my favorite state of Washington to rock this session with me before the wedding ( which I might add will be incredible out at WALNUT GROVE. ) Corriganville is this cool little spot on the […]

Forever in love with a location could be one way to describe how I feel about PASADENA CITY HALL. For so many reasons too. What I find absolutely amazing about shooting PASADENA CITY HALL ENGAGEMENT sessions is that you don’t even need to go inside to get some really rad images. I’ve easily been here […]

Everyone knows out this way how awesome PASADENA CITY HALL is when it comes to rocking an engagement session. For those that don’t well…it is! For this PASADENA CITY HALL ENGAGEMENT we went about things a little more different than usual. Normally I like to start out front and kind of work my way through […]