Hey everyone! In addition to catching up on my session blogs ( which will now be more frequent ) I’m going to start introducing bi-weekly tips and BTS articles. These articles will range from weddings to head shots and as always will be completely my opinion and unfiltered. So if your ears can’t handle an occasional F-bomb or someone who isn’t going to candy coat every word typed then you may want to retreat from here hahaha. It won’t be all the time cursing I promise 🙂 but I do like to have fun and express myself.

For Ashley and Gabe we went to my favorite location in all of San Diego for our BELMONT SHORES ENGAGEMENT. This place has it all ; chicken wings, rollercoasters, midget clowns, shady surfers that hide in the shadows and wave machines hahaha. It’s an incredible location I have been to many times with my family and we always have fun. ( More on this in a later because they were married there too! ). We also headed to Balboa Park which in case you’re not in the know….is a super park LOL. Think of Costco from the movie Idiocracy but add trees and awesome architecture everywhere. It really is an unbelievably big park with a enormous amount of people there.

I loved working with these two because they liked to have fun, wasn’t afraid to show it and most of all were really cool and down to earth. It was like the trinity of great client!  We stopped off at their favorite pub for some beer, made our way through Balboa Park, hit the boardwalk at BELMONT SHORES and ended our night at this kick ass baja restaurant called The Blind Burro.

Here are a few of my favorites from our time together :


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