Mayra + Juan | Temecula Engagement

Usually after a wedding I have a lot of energy left when I get home ( from the mad coffee I drink right before I leave HA ) so instead of hitting the bed like I probably should, I grab a little more coffee and try to be productive LOL….then end up falling asleep on my keyboard.

I’ll stay up hella late though to blog out Mayra and Juans esession. What a super fun day we had. We had the three F’s in full effect. Firetrucks, Football and Forest.

First of all because Juan is a kickass firefighter we got to get the rig as a prop for the shoot. Secondly Mayra being the awesome girl she is was more than willing to jump into the turnouts Juan rocks on his calls. This entire set was so much awesome that we had to leave or else I would have had them driving the truck down the street hangin off the ladder hahaha.

After we wrapped up the five alarm shoot we headed out for a quick game of footy ball. Packers and Chargers jerseys in tow we found a fun little park to toss the ball around at and let off a little steam 🙂

To cap off our day we travelled up Palomar Mountain ( which kicks ass for those who don’t know ). Right before we reached the top I noticed we were hovering above the clouds. I pulled over we all jumped out and did some really awesome stuff 🙂

All in all it was a beautiful day for us. I was able to hang out, have fun, get to know Mayra and Juan and also get some epic images. That’s what it’s all about 🙂

And Bird. LMAO.


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