Wilson Creek Winery Temecula Wedding | Nicole + Mike

Hey hey! It’s that time! What A Wedding at WILSON CREEK WINERY TEMECULA! This one is a little close to heart to me because not only was it AMAZING but I was surrounded by people who I know and worked with for YEARS in my former career. The atmosphere it created was so warm.

Let me talk a little about WILSON CREEK WINERY in TEMECULA for a minute. This awesome venue is located right in the heart of wine country. What I think sets it apart from the others in that area is this…their bridal prep dare I say mini mansion. Located about a two minute drive from the winery is this AMAZING two story manor for brides and grooms to party in. Upstairs is a full on Bridal prep room and downstairs has the grooms lounge with a pool table and other cool stuff. Outside is this epic piece of land that you can use to your hearts desire for shoots. Small wine orchids, gazebos, flat plains all with this beautiful greenery surrounding it. WILSON CREEK WINERY cares about how you look and feel and want you to get the most incredible images, in my opinion this is why they did all this work. So you can kick ass.

So with that nice segue in let’s talk about how Nicole and Mike kicked all major types of ass on their wedding day! HAHA! So while all the guy were downstairs playing pool and drinking the girls were getting in the mix upstairs. We had three generations getting prep along with the bridesmaids which was awesome! This wedding party was fun, gorgeous and all smiles through the day. Once prep was finished for Nicole we did some moody creative images using the pendant lights and windows. Downstairs I used the window light and pool table for a more fun creative shot. We could have spent hours in this house but hey we’re on a timeline and so off we went to the first look.

For first look we used the side flat plain because of the beautiful greenery behind it. Mike was blown away on how stunning Nicole looked, and he showed it too. I love when a groom lets the emotion run rampant, not only do we get some incredible images but in a more psychological way it sets the tone of interaction between two people who love each other. If you love it embrace it and if you hate it leave it be, in actuality there is a beauty in things being so black/white. The raw emotion.

The ceremony took place at WILSON CREEK WINERYS newest ceremony area smack dab in the middle of the vineyard. This was BEAUTIFUL and super convenient. Right after the ceremony we had a gorgeous area for family pictures and them BAM right into BG pictures. The amount of time saved from having to walk to a separate location was enormous. This is where I got that unbelievable silhouette  of Nicole and Mike against that AMAZING Temecula sunset. That purple was insane!

Here’s where we come to the reception. This one went full throttle thanks to FLASHPANTS. Now if you’re unfamiliar with them….1. get to googling and 2. get to booking! These guys ROCK! And by rock I mean completely burn the house down and then really get started. We had mustaches, high kicks, shake weights and the sickest 80’s cover songs. Oh by the way…they NAIL these. Think of it this way, it was the Catalina Wine Mixer turned up to 20 watching every great 80’s movie doing Jazzercise. I wouldn’t rule out me booking them just to have them play at my house, after dinner in my room. That’s energy.

To say this was the most fun would be understatement. When you get to spend the day working with people you love and respect and then get to party it’s hard to scale. I had the most unbelievable time at WILSON CREEK WINERY thanks to these special people.



What a kick ass way to end the night with FLASHPANTS at WILSON CREEK WINERY TEMECULA! This house was brought to the ground with love, awesomeness and just plain ol’ bad assery HAHAHA!


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