Would I trade anything in the world for the feeling I get when I get to rock with awesome brides and grooms? Hell no. The satisfaction and inner peace it brings me when I have happy ass clients. Amy and Ryans 1909 TOPANGA WEDDING was off the charts! We had Praying Mantis’s, a killer wedding party and a super rad venue! The 1909 TOPANGA was a perfect setting for their wedding.

I started out with the details first thing, as I always try to do, 1909 TOPANGA had no shortage of places to rock but I narrowed it down to a few select and before I knew it…a huge Praying Mantis was trying to pry into my turf! HAHA! So what I did was get my set up near him/her and wait…I waited…and waited…probably a good 5min and then BINGO! It started to crawl up the shoes and I snapped away. Then right before he leaped off this little dude gave me a side eye HAHAHAHA! Needless to say I was a little stoked but a small part of me was thinking about kind of insult he was hurling at me!

Music is a huge influence in my life, particularly mid 90s hip hop. I can’t remember the last time I listened to the radio but I can tell you how many times I’ve rocked Hiero, KRS-1, Jeru and Rakim hahaha. My point in all this is that Ryan has the same appreciation for good Hip Hop and when their DJ showed up early he set up and started spinning. Vinyl mind you…this dude had vinyl. Anyone can push a button and mix…but to match beats and moods on vinyl takes real skill especially during a reception.

We had a INCREDIBLE ceremony on the deck outback of 1909 TOPANGA. My favorite moment was when Ryan jumped the gun to kiss Amy before it was time!

The 1909 is a beautiful venue split into a few different areas. Each one offering such a different dynamic look. Redwood walls, walkways through a wooded area, small creeks and that’s just the areas below the main house! In the main house you have three levels of huge open concept rooms that can be used for bridal/groom prep, two bars and a kick ass staircase that lets in specular light. We pretty much maxed out every area we could find.

At the end of the day Amy and Ryan had an unforgettable 1909 TOPANGA wedding. We capped off our night of shooting with some night shots using the redwood wall for subtle texture and some twinkly lights because well…tell me when they ever failed 🙂

Sit back, check out their incredible story below and have an AMAZING DAY!



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