Metropol Burbank California Wedding


Hey Hey!! What can I say! Cheryllin and Oscar had an incredible METROPOL BURBANK WEDDING! This day was TOUGH hahaha! We started out good and well and then that Valley temp started to rise and didn’t let up until it hit 112 degrees! Holy shit it was hot! When I say hot I mean limo’s AC going out and then breaking down type of hot! But as I always preach…with positivity and no f%$ks to give we WILL get INCREDIBLE images. I don’t care if we have to squeeze 3 min at night for some rad night shots ( which I don’t advise BTW ahaha ) or if we have to run into the streets to get creative, everywhere you look can be rocked.

Cheryllin and Oscar had a killer reception at METROPOL in BURBANK. For those that have never been there it’s a rad banquet hall right across from the Americana. The METROPOL is split into two venues and is smack dab in the middle of action so getting those wide shots outside tend to be messy with a lot of buildings. Luckily for me though I have these super powers that let me see where the EPIC shot will be. For tonights we used the blue LED lights that wrap around the venue, this gave me a great way to achieve that blue/orange contrast I love so much as well as give them an AMAZING image for wall art. One of the cool things about METROPOL in BURBANK is during the first dance they pump the floor with fog! I love that extra element.

During the METROPOL reception Cheryllin and Oscar surprised everyone by doing some AMAZING choreography! I mean it was perhaps the best I’ve seen and a PERFECT way to end our night.



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  1. Kevin says:

    So sweet and super clean! Too much to LOVE! THAT RECEPTION LIGHTING ♡♡♡♡!!!


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