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So you see, all these rad images and cool stories cannot be done without the amazing couples that book me and the chemistry that we have together. This is why I want to let you know 10 THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT ME. I always preach it, hiring someone who’s skilled and you get a long with goes A LOT further than someone who’s skilled and you have a terrible time around. Am I right? In pretty much any industry bad service and bad attitude lead to…well bad stuff. I’ve been there and you’ve been there. There’s a saying that it’s easy to be bad and hard to be good…WHAT?? They’re BOTH easy, I just choose to kick the ass and have fun instead of bossing people around with a frown on my face because a shot isn’t working out. The key is to Keep It Movin, stay positive and ALWAYS remember that no matter what happens on a wedding day that this is YOUR day and everyone is there to celebrate with you. Never focus on negative shit, it’s disrespectful to your dream.

Okay okay so I got off topic, or did I? See the point I’m trying to get at is there are a TON of things we will never ever ever know about each other but what we do know we can use that to our advantage in creating chemistry. We use it everyday. I just want to put these 10 THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT ME out there for you to see so you can realize how awesome we’ll be together haha!

So without further ado and to much great accord let’s begin ( say this in a John Cleese voice )

  1. As of this day it’s been 10 years since I married the one I love. We have two AMAZING boys who are half Korean and half whatever it is I am ( DNA tests say Scandinavian / British / Irish but I LOVE Irish folk music so lets just go with that hahaha )
  2. I’m artsy fartsy but without the fartsy if that makes any sense? I love color theory, angles and strange composition.
  3. At one point my dvd collection was over 3000, which is ridiculous. I’m a HUGE movie fan though. It’s very rare that a conversation pops up and it’s about a movie I haven’t seen. A small part of me knows what an incredible waste of time it was when I was younger watching but we learn so many valuable lessons through film ( all mediums really ) that I like to look at it as it’s played a big part of shaping who I am today. Story is incredibly powerful and is a huge reason I love being a part of weddings.
  4. Photography is my skateboarding. Anyone who really knows me knows exactly what this means but for those who don’t I’ll break it down this way. For over 20yrs I used to skate 8+ hrs a day. I was blessed enough to be good and busted my ass everyday to reach my goals. Got to party with my idols ( Koston, Guy, Rudy and Keenan ), met and still have an unbreakable bond with friends and lastly learned that everything can be improved upon. Whether it be style, execution or attitude. If you have ever met a skateboarder from the 90’s hay day they are most likely the coolest and open minded person you know. That’s what skating did to you back then. Mind you we were also the most HATED type of person back then. It was really strange getting chased by a car full of jocks or gangsters and having your boards stolen only to have those same types of people rip off your style years later and it become socially acceptable. Now everybody looks like a skateboarder but doesn’t have the first clue of the hard road it took to be that good at something. In a similar fashion EVERYONE thinks they’re a photographer but are ignorant to the countless hrs, days and years it takes to learn before it’s morally OK to charge. Skating required so much critical thinking while taking action in order to achieve a result. You have to be in tune with balance, the position of feet, jumping ability, muscle memory, when to slide the toes out and where all while either flying down some stairs or approaching some knee high benches. I approach photography the same way to adapt and overcome ANY situation I’m in knowingly or unknowingly.
  5. I love shoes to the point where I may soon need an intervention. Shoes are so important hahahaha if you wear the absolute worst outfit but throw on some banger kicks you’re good to go, but if you wear an incredible outfit with some sorry kicks…..now way, it just doesn’t work. Also another thing to know is that A LOT of people have their head down in life, literally ( in part because I believe no one wants to connect with each other ) . So shoes are the first thing they see and that sets the tone. In the business world it’s usually ties. At one point my collection was around 70 pairs. These were a mix of Jordans, Dunks, Adidas. I sold off all of my Jordans but have become an AirMax addict as of late.
  6. Chocolate is my Kryptonite but because I cut grain and sugar out of my everyday diet I cannot enjoy those delicious store bought choco bars. Instead I make my own. I use Cacao powder, coconut oil, Vanilla and maple syrup. Once it’s mixed I pour it into my silicone Han Solo frozen in Carbonite trays HAHAHA. Oh I add sea salt to the top as well.
  7. I wasted 15yrs of my life working for someone else’s dream. It’s probably my only regret in life.
  8. I secretly hope one of my sons grow up to be a ninja assassin but if that doesn’t pan out then that’s cool. Involving you’r children in your passion is crucial so they grow up understanding what it takes to create, make money and run a business. Also the sacrifice that sometimes comes with it. My older son has a camera and runs around with it, one day I’ll make a site dedicated to the innocence he captures.
  9. I really don’t give a shit. It may be weird to read that. What I mean by it is that I don’t care about trends, what’s hot, who’s on the radio ( haven’t listened to that in probably 15yrs ), what people say about me…..you get the picture. What I do care about is being an awesome human, raising two awesome kids, finding the happiness in sadness, creating when there is nothing and showing others that anything is possible when you take action. Want to be a master painter? Then take action. Want to be an Astronaut? Take action. You CAN do anything if you really want to.
  10. #10…hmmm. If your reading this and having a bad day, lift up your head. Put down your phone. Walk outside and do something nice for someone else. Anything. You’ll feel better I promise.


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