Our brains are such incredible little devices. Throughout our lives we chalk up memory after memory and they stack upon each other like the layers of rock in Antelope Valley. We all have our favorites, some disappear completely and others we can recall with just the slightest little mention of something associated with them. But everyone can recall their FAVORITE CHILDHOOD MEMORY ( at least those I spoke to ). MY FAVORITE CHILDHOOD MEMORY isn’t about a trip to Disneyland or that one Christmas where it seemed like Santa went down my checklist and said ” Ah fuck it, he’ll just get everything he wrote down “. No, my FAVORITE CHILDHOOD MEMORY was me being alone in the middle of the street with my Dragon Kite.

I don’t remember much from the ages of 0-10 but one memory has always stood out in my head. When I was about 5yrs old ( give or take a year ) I was living in Arizona and someone had bought me this Dragon Kite. Maybe it was bought for me, hell I don’t know. What I do know is that it was green, ridiculously long in length and that I flew it without supervision for a few minutes hahaha. It was in these minutes that live inside my head. It was not too high in the air, maybe 50 feet, I was a small kid in Lees and this damn Dragon Kite lifted me about a foot off the ground. Not for a few seconds either, it was minutes, I was flying away and no one was around to help me, let alone witness the awesomeness of a big ass Dragon Kite with a little kid attached to it. I was calm and I never looked down, I stared up at it watching it dance in the sky. It’s so vivid that I can feel the memory, how at peace I was and I didn’t even know what that was at the time.

We all have these Dragon Kites in our life. Appreciate them and enjoy the moments. Don’t be scared to look up into the unknown and wonder how you’re going to get down, make the path as you go along. It’s these small nuances that add so much to photography in my opinion. The kids running around doing things they shouldn’t be, the drunk best man tearing his shirt off on the dance floor or that little moment of a mother looking at her children knowing she did as good as job as she could to get them to the place they’re at. All of these things should be remembered. Our stories.


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