Oh shit I’m switching to Fuji

” Nothing Changes, if nothing changes “

~ Random quote I found ~

Anyone who knows me knows I have been loyal to Nikon since well shit…as long as I’ve been shooting. My very first camera was a Nikon 4004 back in 93. I took an elective course and they handed them out to us. I walked around shooting flowers, people at my school and my skateboard. Took the film into the darkroom and then proceeded to spend long ardious hours trying to not fuck everything up. I often did.

Many years later when digital became a tiny bit cheaper I bought my first DSLR, a tiny little Nikon D60. Soon after that I went in with the D700, skipping all the formalities of breaking the limits of the gear you have. From there it was up the charts of the Nikon spectrum, climbing into the bed of the 800’s, 750’s, D3’s and D4’s. Resting on what I consider their greatest accomplishment, the Z6. Then I started fucking around with Fuji’s system. It was so good. Not like a hey they are leaps and bounds in front of everyone else good but more like a these are so damn fun to shoot and hey wait these are actually really good in areas Nikon aren’t.

I really hesitated on even writing a “switch ” article but on second thought decided hey maybe this will helpful to someone out there. So let’s get into WHY I SWITCHED TO FUJI. If you’re wanting to hear a bunch of stuff on specs / performance / blah / blah / blah you won’t find that here. The only thing I care about truthfully are great results and Fuji kicks ass with some added bonus.

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They’re refreshing. What do I mean by that? The Fuji design breaks you out of that stagnant state of knowing everything about what you’re currently geared up with. The great thing is they do so by slowing you down and actually giving a shit about how you take a picture. I find myself searching for creativity more and more, whether it be with light, shadow or composition. It may sound weird, but for me, maybe too much freedom is not quite as nice as being forced to slow down a bit and have that extra thought or two.

The skin tones are ( without trying to start a skin tone war ) the best I’ve ever seen. In RAW or JPEG. Speaking of JPEG….if you really get into the menus and create custom in camera presets you can 100% deliver straight from JPEG. If you really really wanted to. They nail it so hard that I’m actually hard at work trying to create the perfect in camera curves and adjustments so I can experiment and maybe even get delivery down more. It’s insane how beautiful skin looks on these files.

They fucking look cool hahaha. Now this might not be a great reason on the face of things but let me explain. When I look down and see these beautiful cameras in their all metal shells with those sultry dials I don’t have to dig into menus to get at and that throwback look that get’s me heated…I feel happiness. They are not some black boxes that lack character and just do the job, they are conversation pieces, deeply thought out and milled so that who ever uses them will feel like they earned them. Cameras are in my hand almost every single day, I want them to look dope, have great character and make me smile.

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So what if anything does this mean to you? Absolutely nothing. If you know how to use the tools you can get great results on any system. I’m mainly writing this to reiterate that fact. For me, after being a Nikon loyalist for many many years, Fuji is where I find my home. For weddings my set up consists of :

  1. Two X-T3s
  2. X-E3 for backup
  3. X-E2 for backup backup haha
  4. 10-24 F4
  5. 16 1.4
  6. 35 1.4
  7. 56 1.2
  8. 85 1.8
  9. Fuji 16mm macro extension so I can turn any glass I have into an AF macro lens ( typically I’ll throw this on the 56 )

Thats it. I can snugly fit my entire kit ( not including the Godox lights ) into a Peak Design 10L bag. For me this is what works. Having one solid system across everything I do. Go on vacation? Grab the X-E2 and glass. Walking around the streets for something raw? Grab the X-E3 and some glass. Have a wedding or event? Pull out the X-T3’s. Everything becomes so simple and light and streamlined.

I will never lug around a DSLR again.


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