Kat + Jaln | Pasadena Engagement II

The Saga continues in this awesome trilogy 🙂 Part two in this story takes place out in Pasadena at Pasadena City Hall and then over to Arlington Gardens. I always have so much fun with these two. Our third wheel of the day was my 6yr old HAHAHA this is what happens when you don’t remember there was a school holiday. He did great as bag security as well as a little BTS humor. 

The key to shooting here at Pas Hall is timing. 1st choose a weekday, 2nd choose a time between 8am – 10am. You’ll get clean shots with no one wandering around as well as avoid the hundreds of wedding parties and Quencenera sessions going on. Our job is to get kick ass images so you need to explain to your couples that if they want the absolute best you can offer then timing is very relevant to that. 

A quick side note – Please be respectful of the areas you shoot at. Pas Hall has been having a hard time with knucklehead photographers. Use common sense and don’t blow it for the rest of us who like this historic building. Go shoot down the road….in the street….in traffic. 😉



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