Quick Thursday Blog

At what point did details become more important than moments? 

We all know details collectively make the bigger picture come to life but when one focuses too much on the details it becomes somewhat egomaniacal. What I mean by that is, if you look in any bridal magazine or social media you see a heavy influence on details over what is actually the most important subject of a wedding...YOU. That's because these magazines / websites thrive on vendor dollars to advertise and because of that vendors are catering to each other instead of the brides and grooms who really matter. 

Yes, details are important in telling the story but there is a line of disconnect that occurs when the details outweigh the real story to be told, the story of your wedding, your guests and your moments your missing because of the whirlwind of awesomeness going on. It is far too often that I go to site or look through a magazine and out of lets say 20 images, 14 are details, 10 are posed, 2 are dancing, 1 cake cutting, 2 dancing and 1 toast. This doesn't seem right to me. Where are the off the cuff moments of the grandparents or the guests having a great time? I'll tell you where they are.....either not taken or not thought of as important. I was once told by someone that " those images don't sell so don't focus on them ", it made me feel sick...literally. Who fucking cares if it doesn't sell? That image of grandma crying will be priceless to a bride or groom when she passes, worth way more than any posed print could ever be worth. There are far too many people who fail to see this. 

This is why I do not buy into the "stylized shoot ". It's vendors getting with vendors so they can submit to magazines to show how pretty everything is. The issue I have is the common bride see's this and doesn't understand that's it's not a real wedding. The photographer for one has an entirely closed environment to work and make sure everything is perfect, secondly they only have to worry about two models. It's completely misleading and should instead be labeled as a product session because that's 100% what it is. These parameters do not exist on a wedding day! Save for the elopements which can be awesome because of the slow pace and intimacy given, wedding days are farrrrrrr from stylized. When a wedding photographer spends too much time on details at the detriment of the brides and grooms moments they are effectively a product photographer. It irritates me. 

My weddings are real. My portfolio is images taken at real weddings ( sometimes with just 2-3 minutes ) and most importantly the moments I capture are real. 

The pay to play is real and it's thriving in this industry, which is a damn shame. They have effectively found a way for vendors to market to vendors instead of those who really matter. It's fuckin evil genius if you want the truth. 

Don't get me wrong though, I love a pretty detail image and do my best to capture the different facets that are adding to your story, I do it for you. But make no mistake, I will never put a detail above a moment that is telling your story.