Sanger, CA Wedding

A while ago I was given the great opportunity to work as a second for Jillian*Modern Photography on a wedding in Sanger. Sanger is east of Fresno nestled away amongst the many olive farms, its very rural and oh so very awesome. You could immediately sense the joy on arrival to the brides parents house. They truly went above and beyond and every minute of it was bliss. Perhaps the best moment was when Evans mother came out and sung a song she had written for her daughter on acoustic guitar, it was one of the first times I cried while on the job and an extremely touching moment. I will remember it forever no doubt about it. 

Thank you Evan and Ben for having such an incredible wedding and thank you Jill for letting me be your wingman for the day. You were kick butt to work with and had an infectious character that was a pleasure to be around. To see Jills amazing work head over to .