SD to LV

Ahh our last vacation for a long while...sigh. 

With little guy #2 on the way we needed to squeeze in a nice getaway before we are completely overcome with no sleep, zombie style swagger and a mountain of joy. 

This time we went back to Bahia Resort in Mission Beach San Diego. I really like this place ( even though their beds crinkle like tracing paper ). The rooms are either in towers or right on the sand, their affordable, have cool Mark Twain style boats with bars and its just a few blocks away from the best chicken wings in SD The WaveHouse. Belmont Park is fun, we rented bikes and rode up the strip which was amazing I even remembered how to ride one HA. 

It was my first time at Lego Land....I think I may have hyped it up way too much in my head because I was pretty underwhelmed for the price. They have a few cool things but for the most part it felt very dated and for a land of master builders....kinda seemed like not a lot of thought was put into it. I mean I could spend $200 on primary color legos, scatter them on the driveway and spray Liam with a hose and it wouldn't come to far off as to what I saw at the actual park haha. 

Next up was Sea World. We met the family up there and for how much I would have rather went to Wild Animal Park to see Ivan the Giraffe, Sea World isn't too bad. They still have dirty looking penguins though hahaha. I like how Sea World knows that moms and dads need to have fun too. The shows are decent but the food is above par, have a great selection of beer and TWO ( yes TWO ) smoking areas hahhaha. 

In all seriousness though it was great to get away from work for the week and see Liam have a good time. After all, thats what this is all about. Making sure his head is filled with loving memories so he grows up with a sound knowledge of those around him caring. 

And Happy Birthday Vic! We were stoked to hang out at Del Frisco's with you and Minah!