Lil Joshies First Birthday

I'll be adding back some of my old blog posts of past shoots and the first one I thought I would do is of Joshies first birthday. This lil guy has so much character and was so good the day of the shoot I really couldn't have asked for more.  

To start the day we went to Bee Canyon Park. The yellow wild flowers were in full bloom so we definitely had to shoot there. Joshies lil smirk was in full effect and he loved walking around in all the new territory. 

After our fun day in the park we headed back to my house for some studio shots and the cake smashing. When we set the date for the shoot I went out and bought hundreds of peeps ( because it was Easter yo haha ). I had a really cool shot in mind and wasnt going to relent until I got it. Of course....everything was dependant upon the awesome level of Joshie when we started. I would say the awesome level was at a 8/10 because when we started he was stoked! 

Hahaha so....after the intense sugar clean up haha seriously yellow sugar EVERYWHERE it was great, we started our Elmo shot and Mommy shot. I wanted to capture the feel of Joshie being on an episode of Sesame Street and having Elmo come visit and wish him a Happy Birthday. He was totally into it! 

To end the shoot we wanted to do a fun cake smash! Something Joshie was all too willing to assist us with hahaha. It oddly seemed like he was a pro hmmmm. 

So in the end we were all too happy with the fun day. Everyone got what they came for and Joshie will have some kick butt pictures to look back on when he's older and laugh about. Thanks to Mandy, Bret, Eva and especially lil Joshie for being great client but above all else great people.  

Speaking of great stuff, Bret has a catering service The Ladle and the Spoon that is hands down the best BBQ I have ever taste. If your in Socal and are looking for affordable, delicious food give him a holler at . Bret is really good peoples and puts his heart into everything he does, trust me you can taste the love.