Cross processing summer fun

Ah July 4th, kids laughter, good BBQ, beer, liquor and awesome opportunities to catch it all. This year we had some family over for tacos and pretty much everything in that first sentence...except the beer. I had the inflatable kiddy pool out and we all hung out and watched them create their memories.  

I intended on only shooting some stuff to sharpen up my exposure skills. I'm wanting to rely on only natural light for outdoor shoots and thought this would be a good time to practice haha. About halfway through it though I thought of all the cool summer shots Iv seen from yesteryear that are washed out, cross processed, polaroids, lomo'd and thought Id finish them in post trying to achieve that . Some fit it, some didn't but thats fine. In my mind it was a day like when I was a kid...except I didn't drink Jack when I was that young hahaha.

For more info on cross processing you can check out . I can only imagine how fun it would be to do on film, I'll settle for digital though. Just as fun but lacking in the surprise/no turning back department.  


Have a happy fourth.