For Two

Every few months I go back and look through my catalog to see if I missed anything that may happen to catch my eye now. I think it's a good exercise and also sometimes when you'r culling through 2000 snaps you may skip over stuff because of your mood and such. I think thats what happened here.   

I was at Pikes Market early one morning and was wandering in and out of the various little allies hoping to shoot some cool stuff like workers setting up the fresh veggies or artists wheeling out their displays. I got tired and went to sit down and enjoy a coffee on some stairs inside. I remember looking over at this coffee table while I was sitting there and I just kinda stared at it for a while. I started thinking of all the people who sat there and why they would because it was a little random and not near any of the other areas to eat. I would think of little stories about how relationships were created sitting there, arguments and silence I guess and it just made me laugh. 

The stage was set for these things to happen at that precise location and I had no idea what evil mastermind concocted the plan. I did a three bracket shot, walked over to it, sat down....and quickly got up to leave. Taking with me the part of the audience instead of the participant.