2008 Triumph Daytona 675SE

A few weeks ago Peter brought his bike by so I could take some shots of it. I don't know much about bikes but this was sick. The gold highlights and the crisp blacks played to me like a work of art. 

We took about half an hour shooting in my garage with the door closed and started to turn into an oven..didn't matter though I needed to keep pushing onwards and forwards. I grabbed some detail shots and some really tight crops and overall I was happy with the outcome.  

I went for a nice warm golden gradient here to play with the gold highlights.  

It's so fun and challenging to shoot cars and bikes almost like a totally different world but I'll say this...I want to do it more. There's something about the highlights bouncing off the edges of these shoots that keeps me drawn into it. I can't wait for my next chance to go at the subject matter again, I might just start throwing my card when one pulls up next to me to see if they bite haha.


The end game? Come away with something I set forth to do and something I'm proud of, and even though my experience is lacking with these subjects...for the second shoot I feel I applied my knowledge of what I learned ( big thanks to Tim Wallace from Kelby ) and did the Triumph justice. 


Until next time - B