LA night pano

On my recent trip to Seattle I grabbed a sweet pano of Downtown from my friends rooftop ( I think it was the 17th floor ).

Well when I came back home to LA I really wanted to get a complimenting shot of Downton LA. The problem can I get that vantage point from 10+ floors? I dont know anyone who has rooftop access out here HA! 

I compromised however and decided to go down with my bud Mike to the famous 4th street overpass and to a secret parking garage out on 8th st. Now, I really like the 4th st spot the problem is everyone has shot there and aside from post work or longer exposure its always the same capture. I wanted to something a little different. 

I set up right about where the overpass ends and took three shots of each section of pano at -1, 0 and +1. So total I had 9 nine shots that were merged down to to 3 total shots. The results - 

Banging. I was really stoked on this outcome and now when the time is right I'll send both of these off to the lab for printing.

Night photography for the win!

Bonus update - Well I wasn't going to add this picture due to the warped bottom left corner BUT I think its still pretty good. So I broke into a 10 floor parking garage and due to the walls on the rooftop being too high I had to perch myself on the ledge. I didn't like doing that so I rushed the left quadrant shots and that left me not enough on the bottom to include the freeway all way across. A little puppet warping though and I was to somewhat preserve what I looking for. Enjoy -