I wanted to take a few minutes and give a few helpful tips on prepping for your shoot. 

1. Sit back, relax and write down things you want out of your pictures. Brainstorm with your partner or yourself and expand on the creative ideas YOU have. It's a small but very important feeling you gain knowing you were the fire starter behind an idea. It shows in the shots the confidence and satisfaction. I typically start brainstorming ideas the moment I get a feel for your character, your likes and passions but it's always a good thing when everyones creative juices are flowing. 


2. Hair and make up - Engagement sessions, weddings, head shots, family portraits etc etc... It's never a bad thing to treat yourself to some TLC before your shoot. I actually can't stress it enough for your engagement pictures and it's a no brainer for your wedding ; ) The point is the better you feel about yourself the more of your natural self will shine, and we all want to shine right? 


3. Attire - Try to coordinate clothes based on where we're shooting. Some very good examples would be :

We can sit and plan it all out depending on the next step below :) 


4. Location! - So everyone knows location, location, location. For the most part this is true. Deciding on a venue, park, city alley can be very fun. Make a list of places you'd like to have as a setting and let me know. Together we can accomplish it.  


This is just a short list but above all else be yourself and have fun. It's a special day for you and it should be nothing but exactly what you envision.