Kellan Kim

Where to start? Okay how about two awesome parents and one super adorable son. Sonia, Steve and Kellan came over for a shoot and it was a blast. We would have to sneak in shots of Kellan in between his baby moments but when he let us he showed us that he was king!  

I wanted to try something out with my 72 inch strip light and was extra stoked on the turn out. The highlights on Sonia and Kellan came out so good that its easily my favorite of the year for me.  

The bond between mother and child is so amazing that I can never forget how it seems like yesterday when my son was in moms arms. Now he's two and the memories are quit different hahaha ( please dont throw your fork, lets change your diaper for the hundredth time.... I kid a small price to pay for the blessings he brings ).  

In honor of the Dodgers doing so well this year here's a wonderful BW of Steve and Kellan repping LA. 

At the end of the day I look back and think to myself about how complete the day felt. A wonderful shoot, laughter with friends and the continual building of relationships. I really couldn't have asked for more...