What is ALUMNI? 

You may be asking yourself that question and the answer is precisely what the first thought in your head was. A former graduate of a specific school, except this school involves relationships, networking, freebies, an open forum, advices, Q&A's and just general all around ass kickery. See...I wanted to create a place all of my Alumni Brides can hang out and meet each other. Every single one of you have made an impact on my life by allowing me to be an accomplice in documenting one of the most precious moments in your lives, this is a small way I can give back. 

alumni fb banner.jpg

Secret Facebook Group

Each one of my Alumni Brides will receive an invite to a secret group on Facebook. It is in this group where we can celebrate, stay connected, laugh and most of all build friendships. I've noticed something about each and every bride I have worked with, they have all rocked. Super down to earth, fun, trusting and amazing people. Why would I not want all of you to meet each other and kick butt!? In the group I'll be able to answer questions, connect brides with one another, offer up exclusive free shoots and we'll all be there to be that shoulder to lean on when the day goes shitty as well as the inspiration to get you back up and taking charge. 

Being Alumni

Once Alumni Bride always Alumni Bride. It's our crew that we can build upon and depend on. By being an Alumni Bride your investment doesn't end when my bags are packed and the wedding is over, it continues through your journey. The birth of your first child, vow renewals, your children getting married.   


One basic rule - Be awesome. It really isn't that hard when you think about it and all of my Alumni Brides already have it in spades. So just be awesome, no fighting, spamming, being negative hahaha these are things that people who aren't awesome do! I really do mean it when I say I have kick ass brides.